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How High-Performing Sales Organizations Differ From Others

January 28th, 2015|

What Separates High-Performing Sales Organizations From Average and Underperforming Sales Organizations?

That’s what Velocify, along with Steve Martin, author of the “Heavy Hitter” series of books on enterprise selling, set out to discover. They asked 800 […]

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Is a Gemba Walk the New Sales Ride-Along?

January 20th, 2015|

Do you want to increase sales in 2015? You have a few choices.

You can:

Deliver more or better product training
Enact more or better Sales Skills training
Hire more salespeople
Run Sales contests
Introduce more products
Increase prices

What if you’re […]

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Smart Selling Visions: Up-Close with Top Revenue Leader Adam Hollander, CEO of @FST_Games

January 13th, 2015|

This post is part of a series of Executive Interviews of top sales and marketing solutions company executives. We ask the same questions of every executive so readers can learn about their unique positioning  […]

Awards and Recognition

“Nancy is one of the smartest sales strategists I know. In the first two months working together, she gave me more insight and clarity than I’d gotten from others in the past 2 years combined.”

Jim Banks, President
ShadeTree Technology

“Nancy is a consummate changemaker. She has a unique talent for asking the right questions and blueprinting the right strategies. Her contributions have made a difference to our business.”

Parth Srinivasa, President
Valgen, Inc.

“Nancy has an ability to zero in on the core messaging and how to best reflect it in our website, collateral and presentations. To top it off, she has helped us generate interest in our products and marketing events.”

Ron Synder, President
Plan2Win Software

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