The Goldilocks Principle for Sales Leads

Everyone surely knows of the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, written over 175 years ago by British author and poet Robert Southey,back in 1837. By the way, a man named Joseph Cundall transformed the original antagonist from an ugly old woman to the pretty little girl we have come to know as […]

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Are Your Reps Guilty of This Costly Mistake?

Are your reps guilty of this costly mistake?
A rep from one of the world’s largest technology companies that sells enterprise (i.e. large corporate) solutions rang me up yesterday. I’m not looking to call the firm out publicly so I’ll refer to the 3-lettered company as SPG. The rep didn’t reach me live so she left a […]

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Smart Selling Visions: Up-Close with Top Revenue Leader Garin Hess, CEO of @DemoChimp

This post is part of a series of Executive Interviews of top sales and marketing solutions company executives. We ask the same questions of every executive so readers can learn about their unique positioning  and their vision for the industry. 

This week I interview Garin Hess, CEO of DemoChimp.

Nancy: What does DemoChimp do? What problem/s are you […]

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Sellers and Marketers Overcoming the Status Quo


Last week, on the heels of Dreamforce, I traveled to Las Vegas to attend CEB’s annual Sales and Marketing Summit in Las Vegas. CEB is a $900M, member-based advisory company offering 50 different memberships aligned to functional and leadership roles like Finance, Human Resources, and Information Technology.

In the Sales and marketing world, CEB is […]

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Trick or Treat? Dreamforce Goodies for B2B Marketers

Note from Nancy: In case you missed it, we sent our a Dreamforce wrap-up and cool tool report in our newsletter this Sunday. In today’s blog post,  Rebecca Bell Ellis weighs in on the goodies she found at Dreamforce. Rebecca is a Sr. Analyst for Smart Selling Tools and advises executives in SaaS MarTech companies and […]