Have you ever made a sale that you felt slimy about? I’m talking about something that went above your need to hit a monthly sales quota. Have you ever sold a product you didn’t believe in or didn’t believe could adequately meet your customer’s needs? If the answer is yes, then congratulations — you’ve uncovered the reason why it’s so hard for prospects to trust you.

Consensus is a SaaS application designed to reveal, engage, and drive agreement in the buying group. Our interactive demo automation platform assembles video timelines from smaller clips, so each stakeholder automatically learns in the most relevant way.

It helps pre-sales (SCs) scale while keeping margins high. One presales leader inside a division of a large software company said he scaled his operation by approximately 43% without adding to head count.

If you’re like a lot of busy Sales Executives, you’ve likely noticed there are a lot of fantastic podcasts popping up.

I recently had the pleasure of being the guest on the Sales Enablement Radio podcast hosted by the Brevet Group. I sat down with Brian Williams, a partner with the Brevet Group, and we discussed what Sales Enablement is (people define it in many ways) and how to navigate the complexity of technology in the Sales Enablement space. You can listen to the episode or read the full transcript below.

Seven years. A thousand employees. Hundreds of consultants. $500 million. And one announcement that ended the whole thing. Lidl, a German grocery chain with locations all over the world including 10,000 in Europe, 80 in the U.S., and plans to expand to another 500+ U.S. locations, earlier this year scrapped a technology project that was supposed to be the largest tech transformation in the company’s history.

This week I interview Mark Kopcha, Founder & CEO of Revegy. I ask him, “What are the top 3 ways your solution changes the game for a sales organization” and other questions that get at the heart of what they do. If I had to sum it up, I’d say they help you truly understand your key accounts, stakeholders, and motivators.