It’s Halloween! I absolutely cherish watching the determined parade of astronauts, goblins, princesses, super-heroes, and other little wide-eyed dreamers waddle up the sidewalk to my front door in keen anticipation of a sweet-treated indulgence. I love seeing their eyes go big as they crowd together with their bags open wide in hopes of getting the really “good stuff.”

You know what I mean. You wanted the good stuff too right? You wanted candy bars, giant jaw-breakers, fireballs, wax lips, and maybe even bubble-gum (but the good kind shaped like an eyeball). As adults, we know to expect the look of pure joy when we deliver on the expectations of our friends and loved ones, and an entirely different reaction when we (sometimes) fail.

Salespeople are no different in that regard than Halloween-festooned children. Salespeople naturally want the really good stuff too.

Money and recognition are certainly two powerful rewards but they are not the only treats that qualify as the good stuff.

If you like to see your reps happy, thriving, and eager to go door-to-proverbial door, there are other ‘tricks’ to engage and motivate them.

Here are a few sweet and enticing examples:
Make it easy for your reps to get their job done with the least amount of time and effort. Finding the right contact at a prospect account can be time-consuming and flat-out frustrating. is an online directory of business contacts and companies that anyone can access. Its free to use for some information like headquarters location, number of employees, and subsidiaries, or to search for contacts by title, level in the organization (e.g. C-level, VP-level) or department.

But you’ll want to put a subscription in each of your reps’ goodie bags so they can quickly obtain contact details like email and phone.

Gorilla Expense
Administrative tasks like compiling and submitting expense reports (and correcting errors and chasing payments) can deplete a sales rep’s time and energy faster than a smart phone battery. Far worse, is the chillingly negative effect on sales productivity. Give reps a real treat—a better and faster way to complete expense reports. Gorilla Expense turns expense reporting from a menacing, ghoulish task, into a process that is fantastically free of hassle.

Your reps are special! But prospects won’t know that if they can’t see them. BombBomb’s video email will help your reps get the attention from prospects they not only want but deserve. BombBomb delivers your rep’s face, voice, personality, and message into the prospect’s inbox. Effective communication needs quality context, including non-verbal cues, emotion, and other evocatively human elements. BombBomb is like getting peanut-butter and chocolate in the same wrapper. Not only can they get better prospecting results, they can also know who viewed their messages—and when—so they can follow-up at the right time.

Postwire is a scary simple way to collect and share videos, images, documents and web links on a private page reps create for each client in mere minutes. No media-savvy kid wants to dress up as Dracula or Superman anymore. That’s way too old-school. Well, email attachments are old-school too! Prospects are overwhelmed by the quantity of email and just as under-whelmed by its use as an information source. Give your reps the ability to treat prospects to their own visual smorgasbord of helpful sales information and resources.

You play a time-honored role by cheerfully obliging little goblins with tasty treats. While you may be as devoted and determined as our beloved Charlie Brown on Halloween night, you don’t need to wait for the Great Pumpkin to finally arrive before treating yourself and your reps to these sure-to-please rewards.

Don’t allow your reps to prepare and present themselves in out-dated costumes (or tools) that shroud them in frightful inefficiency. Give them the good stuff!