Do you want to accomplish more in 2013?
Do you want to do more?
Learn more?
Sell more?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’ll need to do something or some things differently. Einstein of course defined “insanity” as doing the same things over and over and expecting different results. YOU are not insane. You know you need to embrace the concept of change but will you be the impetus of that change?

What processes stand out as needing either a bit of critical re-evaluation or a complete overhaul in order for you to achieve your vision for the year ahead?  Understand… status quo will not get you there. If you want 2013 to be better–in whatever way you define that to be–you will need to take charge of change.

Here’s the good news. There are lots of sales tools to help you.
The bad news? There are lots of sales tools!

We’re talking thousands. So how do you decide which to try or buy when it’s so overwhelming? Well, you get a head start in a very positive direction.

31 must have tools webinarJoin me on December 13th, for a live webinar hosted by Social Selling University.  Along with 5 industry colleagues, we’ll share our own personal favorites.

We’ll each be recommending 6 sales tools for B2B sellers. That’s a lot of ‘tools’ to cover in 60 minutes so you can expect this webinar to be informative, fast-paced, and full of energy.

I guarantee you’ll walk away with one or more tools you can implement immediately to start you down the path toward higher achievement in 2013. Why not hit January 1 in full sprint with these ‘must-have’ tools, along with the valuable ‘tool’ insights presented by our panel of experts.

Tools range in price from low-budget to high-budget so there will be tools for everyone. Whether you’re looking for individual productivity tools, tools for a small company, or tools for a large sales-organization, there will be plenty of each.

I’ve seen the list of 31. Here’s what I can tell you without needing a spoiler alert. There are tools for you to:

  • Find prospects from within your social circles
  • Obtain high-quality referrals
  • “Curate” and share value-added content
  • Schedule more appointments
  • Shorten the sales cycle
  • Prepare for the most effective sales calls
  • Optimize pricing within your quotes
  • Motivate your sales team
  • And a whole lot more…

If you want to learn more about sales tools and which can be game-changers for you next year, this is the webinar to attend. Don’t put your sales tool schooling on hold. It’s not rocket science, and you don’t need a physicist to tell you that you’d be ‘insane’ not to check out the tools that can lead to big changes in revenue, productivity, and performance.  This is your chance to get a head-start on your 2013 game plan, and make it your best year yet!

Post Publication Note: The webinar recording is now online and can be found here: 31 Must-Have Sales Tools

Author, Nancy Nardin is the foremost expert in sales productivity tools. As President of Smart Selling Tools, she consults with many of the top sales productivity software vendors as well as end-user organizations looking to select the right tools. Click to get Nancy’s What & When weekly digest with invitations to complimentary webinars and informative publications. Follow Nancy on Twitter @sellingtools or subscribe to her Tool Talk blog. Nancy can be reached at 916-596-3035. To schedule a free 30 minute consultation.