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For any fast-growing sales organization that’s hiring or acquiring, nothing’s more important than assuring rapid ramp-up. There are many elements that go into ramping-up new salespeople successfully. Here are just a few for which you’ll need to equip your salespeople:

  1. Product knowledge (product families, product benefits, configuration, pricing)
  2. Company knowledge (internal experts, who’s who)
  3. Competitive knowledge
  4. Industry & market knowledge
  5. Customer success stories
  6. Sales technology usage
  7. Value calculation and communication
  8. Territory available market analysis

To effectively onboard reps, you’ll want to teach, test, and reinforce each area of knowledge and competency. In addition to that, you’ll want to arm them with ready-made, real-time guidance so they can hit the ground running even before (and while) all that training and testing takes place.

There are three technology categories that can specifically speed ramp-up time; Sales Enablement, Guided Selling & Guided Learning, Video role-play tools.

Three technology categories speed new sales hire ramp-up time; Sales Enablement, Guided Selling & Guided Learning, and Video role-play tools.Click To Tweet

All three technology types are used for each of the 8 areas listed above. In other words, it’s not enough to use only one type of technology. You’ll want to deploy one of each to get the learning, reinforcement and real-time effectiveness you desire.

Guided Learning and Video Role Play Solutions and Resources


Qstream uses a scientifically proven methodology to accelerate sales onboarding. Sales reps get up to speed faster and sales managers tap real-time data to coach along the way.


MindTickle transforms the onboarding process into an engaging, milestone-driven experience. Prepare reps with video role play and reinforce learning with mobile quizzes and updates.


PointForward’s easy-to-use platform, video-based practice with coaching feedback means reps can achieve better sales conversations, consistent messaging and faster revenue.

Sales Enablement Solutions & Resources

Accent Technologies

With Accelerate, sales teams can visualize complex sales situations using tracking, analytics and visualization tools to prioritize top opportunities and identifybest practices.


Make Sure salespeople communicate your unique and differentiating value. Alinean Value Selling Tools can reshape your client conversations from price to business value.

App Data Room

App Data Room is a mobile-first, sales enablement platform that allows any business to build, brand and manage a sales content and collateral platform for faster time-to-revenue.

CallidusCloud Sales Enablement

CalliudsCloud’s Sales Enablement guides salespeople to the deal in record time by aligning content and messaging to each stage of the customer’s buying process.


ClearSlide is a complete Sales Engagement Platform combining content management, integrated communications, and guided selling to power dynamic buyer engagement.


Highspot provides sales teams with the most relevant content for each situation, flexible ways to present content to customers, and real-time visibility into customer engagement.


KnowledgeTree predicts content that boosts sales productivity and advances deals. It uses real sales results to push best practice content to your reps, right in and email.

RO Innovation

RO Innovation solutions help both new and tenured salespeople leverage the voice of your customer and other sales and marketing assets during your sales process to win more deals.


WHUT takes the content avalanche and sifts through it to find and deliver the perfect snowflake to each salesperson no matter what the sales situation.

Getting your sales onboarding program right can make the difference between hitting your yearly number or not. But it’s just one element. Part I of our What to Have in Your 2017 Sales Stack series covered ABM. Future issues, we’ll outline technologies and resources for account based selling, sales performance improvement, closing deals and more. Subscribe to our blog so you don’t miss an issue.