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26 Top Sales Software to Drive Growth in 2021

By Nancy Nardin, Smart Selling Tools

The pace of innovation in the Sales Software market is accelerating. It can be hard to know which technologies to consider for your organization with so many options to chose from.

Top Sales Software

That’s why I’m excited to announce our annual Top Sales Tools awards. Each year, I identify solutions that address both the basic challenges sales organizations face as well as new challenges that are surfacing due to changing markets.

This year, I’ve organized the awards into 6 categories. These categories represent the tasks to be done to achieve steady revenue growth.

  1. Learning
  2. Prioritizing
  3. Engaging
  4. Earning
  5. Performing
  6. Closing


When you think of helping your sales team learn new skills and improve their performance, you may have different goals in mind. Your objective may be to onboard new salespeople quickly. Or you may wish to help the middle performers move into the top performer bracket. Perhaps you simply want to understand who needs coaching or what knowledge or skills gaps exist.

This year’s award recipients include top sales software that can help with all the above. What we took note of, was the extent to which these solutions helped organizations scale their learning, coaching, and development activities.

In that regard, there are exciting approaches including micro-learning, sales call analytics, AI-driven coaching recommendations and even virtual training environments based on machine learning.

For the top learning solutions in 2021, we’ve selected:

Allego, Brainshark, Chorus, Second Nature, and Qstream


Prioritizing where and when to focus sales activity has three levels; the lead level – which leads to give attention to next; the account level – which show the most buying intent for your solution types; and the buying-group level – who are they and what do they care about.

Simply increasing the volume of leads and activities generates diminishing returns due to buyers being inundated. A better approach is to ensure that both the lead/prospect and the activity required for each produce better outcomes.

Account and contact buying intention solutions are at the top of our list when it comes to prioritizing for the greatest return on effort.

For sellers to prioritize based on purchase intent, we’ve selected:

InsideViewMRP and TechTarget 


There are many interesting technologies that encourage prospects to engage with your sellers. Of course, it’s important that sellers have an easy way to prepare the perfect presentation. They may want to present videos, documents, slideshows, and web-pages.

What you share and how you share it can also differentiate your company. Offering content in new and interesting formats, and offering interesting ways to share content with prospects has also become more important than ever.

And finally, giving more – and more timely – prospect demos is also important especially in a product-led growth model where the product needs to sell itself.

We’ve broken the Engaging category into 5 sub-categories of solutions. This year, we’ve selected:

Bigtincan, Citia, ClearSlide, Consensus, Crescendo, Flipdeck, Mediafly, StorySlab, and Turtl


Performing sales activities is the actual execution required to move deals through the pipeline. It’s where the rubber meets the road. Yes, getting leads to raise their hand is important. Yes, closing deals is important. But none of those matters if the sales team can’t execute.

Performing comes down to collaboration; task prioritization and execution; and understanding, planning, and acting on activities that will impact the success you have with accounts and opportunities.

For sales solutions that help sellers perform their activities, we’ve selected:

Vivun, Scratchpad, Revegy, and Hub


The profession of selling requires the mastery of many types of activities. In the end, those activities are all in the service of earning someone’s business.

Number one is helping buyers to understand how your solution will translate into value. In addition to value-translation, buyers need to trust that the solution will work in their environment given their unique situation. If you can over-come those two challenges as well as facilitate conversations between buyers and your current customers, it will go a long way.​​​​

The top sales software we’ve selected for earning the win are:

EMMa3D, Point of Reference and Valkre


Many factors go into a seller’s ability to close deaIs. It helps if you have a scalable, repeatable way to coach reps on each deal and can help them understand what’s needed to win each one. This includes having a deal pursuit framework for structuring calls along with signals that indicate deal-health.

It also helps if you get the buyer to collaborate on every step of the buying process. This is an exciting solution category because it helps you gain buy-in throughout the process. Mutual Action Plans (MAPs) get both sides on the same page.

The top sales software we’ve selected for closing are:

DealCoachPro and DealPoint

For a full overview of these top sales software categories, see the guide and share it with your colleagues. You are sure to get great ideas for growing your revenue in 2021.