2016 is off like a rocket. What can you do to hold on tight and ride the rocket to new heights?

A good start, is to attend these 4 webinars. They’re free to join but space fills up quickly so you’ll want to register now.

Here’s a tip, even if you won’t be able to attend each one ‘live’ go ahead and register anyway. You’ll get a link to the recording so you can listen at your convenience. That’s what I’m doing.

Account-planning Your 2016 Revenue Growth Strategy

When looking to hit your sales targets, you should never look past the white space in your existing accounts. That’s where you can capture additional opportunity to maximize the revenue from your key accounts. Account Planning helps you create, develop, and win business that delivers mutual value, making it much easier to hit revenue targets.

Join The TAS Group on  to brush up on the fundamentals of this surefire revenue growth strategy and share the insights we have gleaned since we first published the Amazon #1 Bestseller Account Planning in Salesforce.

When: Wednesday, January 27th 8:00 am pacific
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4 Ways to Put More Horsepower into Your Sales Process

Push your productivity into overdrive with tips from sales expert and author of Zero Time Selling, Andy Paul. In this webinar, Andy breaks down a strategy for creating a more productive sales force, resulting in increased efficiencies, meaningful interactions, and an increase in revenue.

At this LIVEHIVE webinar, Andy will share how to:
– Sell smarter to create a unique journey for your buyers
– Make every touch point count through meaningful and timely interactions
– Measure, refine, and continually audit your sales process
– Collaborate with your prospects to create a valuable sales experience.

When: Wednesday, January 27th at 10:00 am Pacific

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Firing Prospects Who Can’t Buy

DEMOCHIMP is teaming up with Wes Schaeffer (The Sales Whisperer) for a webinar on how to perfect the art of prospecting. You’ll learn how to use fierce qualification so you won’t need to waste time with prospects who can’t buy.

In this webinar you will also learn how to:
• Recognize deals that will close
• Focus your reps on deals that will close
• Ask the tough questions that will turn prospects into customers
• Increase close rates by 44% and more

When: Thursday, January 28th 10:00 am pacific
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Turn Your Cold Calls Hot

With the right tools and tactics, anyone can take a cold call and turn it into success. Let Steve Richard of VorsightBP and Patrick Cassady of CLEARSLIDE take the trepidation out of cold calling in this 45 min session. You’ll learn:
– Why calls with no hypothesis are a waste of time
– Cutting-edge methods for using personalized video to capture attention
– How to combine email, social media and phone calls to reach your prospects

When: Thursday, Jan 28 11:00 am pacific
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