How badly do you want your team to blow away their quota? Pretty badly right? What are you willing to do differently? Hope, afterall, is not a strategy. You’ll need a new fuel source if you want to blast sales into the next stratosphere. Something, in otherwords, will have to change. You can’t expect different results by doing the same thing.

Today’s best-in-class sales organizations implement a variety of sales tools to impact their revenue. I know it doesn’t help that there are thousands of applications to pick from. You’re in luck though because we’ve just made it a whole lot easier! Announcing the Top 40 Sales Tools of 2014 – a multi-media guide that brings you up to speed on the best tools to increase sale productivity. No registration is required and the you’ll enjoy the fun and easy format which includes videos.

Boost Your Revenue

There’s no better place to learn how you can get more leads, motivate your sales reps, get deals signed faster, hold better conversations, convert more leads into opportunities, strategize, collaborate, forecast, follow-up, engage, AND close.

See which tools we chose for:

  • Contract Management and eSigning
  • InsideSales
  • Marketing automation
  • Mobile Selling
  • Performance and Compensation
  • Pipeline Management & Deal Flow
  • Power Prospecting
  • Quoting & Pricing
  • Sales & Marketing Content
  • Sales Enablement
  • Territory & Account Planning
  • Value Selling & ROI

You’ll learn which tool we found that automatically discovers prospects that are ready to buy (and gives you their contact information), a tool that automatically catalogs your marketing content and makes it available on a tablet, a tool that incorporates gamification to keep your salespeople up to speed, and hot “mobile-first” tools that can turn your field sales reps into selling machines.

Many of these companies offer free trials, and don’t require any IT involvement. If you’re in sales, do yourself the favor. Don’t put it off. The revenue you book – this year and next – hangs on your team’s ability to move deals through the pipeline efficiently and consistently. Now is the time to take action and it just got a whole lot easier with the Top 40 Sales Tools of 2014 Guide.

Nancy Nardin is the foremost expert increasing sales productivity through the use of tools. As President of 
Smart Selling Tools, she consults with many of the top sales productivity software vendors as well as end-user organizations looking to select the right tools. Click to get Nancy’s What & When weekly digest with invitations to complimentary webinars and informative publications. Follow Nancy on Twitter @sellingtools or subscribe to her Sales Productivity blog. Nancy can be reached at 916-596-3035. To schedule a free 30 minute consultation click here.