International Sales AppsToday’s sales leaders are fortunate to have a wide array of sales acceleration solutions to choose from. That becomes all the more evident when you take a look at the release of our final Top Sales Tools of 2014 guide where you’ll find the top 50 tools for improving sales performance and results.

What you might not be aware of is the innovation that’s taking place outside of the U.S. In this post, I’d like to shine the spotlight on and give well-deserved recognition to several of those we consider to be the best. A full 10% of our top 50 Sales Tools of 2014 are international.

I encourage you to consider these top tools when evaluating sales acceleration solutions for your organization.

Membrain – Sweden
Membrain is Active Pipeline Management that helps drive successful sales behavior in Complex B2B Sales. It’s a completely customizable sales platform with intuitive tools that streamline and empower your process.

You’ll get visual overviews of your entire pipeline, automated alerts and coaching advice to keep the team focused on all the right opportunities.

Map, coach, visualize and analyze your unique sales process and give your entire sales team a road map to success.

Showell – Finland
Showell is an easy, fast and elegant mobile sales enablement app. It’s an all-in-one solution for sharing & presenting documents, videos, images and interactive content on the iPad.

Focus on what’s important – selling. Showell assures that sales teams have always up-to-date sales & marketing materials and are ready to have more impressive sales presentations anytime, anywhere without having to worry about an internet connection.

With Showell, generating leads, gathering information and monitoring sales is faster and easier than ever. The solution combines an online content management & repository cloud with an iPad presentation app and includes out-of-the-box connectivity with Salesforce.

iSEEit – Austria
iSEEit is a new kind of next-gen CRM solution. It’s an all-in-one sales tool that gives your salespeople a truly natural way to manage their daily sales activities. It will change the way salespeople think about and interact with their CRM – finally!

With iSEEit, it’s easy to focus on what’s most important and have the clarity needed to get the right things done at the right time. CRM should help you drive more sales with less work, not the other way around.

iSEEit will help you Increase efficiency and collaboration across your entire organization. And it also makes the sales process fun again.

Showpad – Belgium (and now, San Francisco as well)
Showpad is an easy to use mobile app that provides up-to-date, context specific, content. Showpad will increase your sales team’s efficiency in every stage: preparation, conversation and follow up.

Salespeople can present all their sales materials on any device and their powerful search functionality and easy navigation means salespeople will spend less time looking for sales collateral and have more time to make that sale.

I love that salespeople can create and send a Personal Catalog—a unique brochure with handpicked content—or a specific file as an attachment or a link.

Marketing can easily upload and manage all sales material in one central and secure place. Any type of popular content is supported (PDF, photo, video, Microsoft Office, HTML5 and more).

Perenso: Australia
Perenso is an application that helps your sales reps automate everyday tasks like ordering, stocktaking, and sales presentations, using an iPad.

Perenso lowers your cost of sales visits, helps you conduct more sales visits, and makes it easier to hit sales targets.

Spending on order pads goes down to $0. No more faxes, paper, or wasted phone calls. No more data entry costs, or order processing errors and credit returns.

Perenso prioritizes key customers to call on and prompts your team to upsell the right goods at the right time. The system lets reps focus on high value selling behaviors all day every day, pushing up sales volume and yield.

There you have it. Five powerful, proven apps worthy of consideration for your sales team. If you’re looking for a better way to manage your complex B2B sales process, a CRM that salespeople will actually use and enjoy, or mobile selling apps, these five are a great place to start.