Nancynardin-250X250Nancy Nardin is the founder of Smart Selling Tools. She’s recognized as the voice of authority on sales technology and is the creator of the Nancy Nardin SalesTech Landscape, a market landscape of nearly 600 sales solutions sorted into 43 categories.

Backed by 30 years of sales expertise, Nancy is a pioneer in mobile selling – having sold for the world’s first laptop computer manufacturer, GRiD Systems, in Silicon Valley in the early 1980’s.

Before launching Smart Selling Tools in 2009, Nancy served in sales leadership roles at leading analyst firms such as Gartner Group and IDC, selling into the large accounts like Intel, HP, Microsoft, Apple, and Sun Micro. She also worked closely with many of Silicon Valley’s leading venture capital firms.

Nancy consults executives at leading Sales Asset Management, Account Targeting, Sales Enablement, and Prospect Engagement firms. On the Vendor Neutral side, she created co-created a SalesTech assessment tool that aligns a company’s priorities to solutions that match, instantly, and for free.