Accelerating Sales Training & Coaching Adoption with Brainshark

Getting reps to engage with sales training and coaching has always been a huge challenge. But it’s the job of sales enablement professionals to ensure reps have not only completed their training and coaching, but they can demonstrate their readiness to sell before they go out into the field.

Listen to this webinar to learn how Hill-Rom’s Courtney Perrone leverages Brainshark’s sales enablement platform to accelerate sales training adoption, increasing both short-term compliance and long-term knowledge retention for her on-the-go sales team. She will also describe her approach to training reinforcement using various forms of assessment, including video coaching with manager and peer feedback.

In this webinar moderated by Nancy Nardin of Smart Selling Tools, you’ll learn:

  • How Hill-Rom created effective, engaging sales training modules that align with the needs of a remote (and often mobile first) sales team
  • How democratizing training content creation can lead to improved rep adoption
  • The importance of training reinforcement for critical information like product launches and key messaging
Brainshark is not just a tool for us, it has become a verb. When we think of learning…we “Brainshark it”. 

- Courtney Perrone, Senior Manager Sales Enablement, Hill-Rom