The All New 2021 Enterprise SalesTech Landscape

By Nancy Nardin

I first started curating and categorizing sales technologies in 2010. There wasn’t much of a market back then but that has changed drastically in the eleven years since. As we release our 2021 SalesTech Landscape, you’ll now find 1078 solutions (a whopping 461 are CRM solutions) spread out among 45 unique categories.

The 2021 salestech market map represents a complete and thorough re-audit. That means, every single vendor on this graphic has been revisited – along with new ones. It’s a tall order to guarantee accuracy so I’ll resist the temptation. But know that we have tried hard to ferret out any company that no longer exists, or that no longer has a sales solution, to remove brands that have gone away due to acquisitions, and to add brands that are new to the market.

We’ve no doubt missed some so we’re offering a link for people to recommend changes. The fact is, you’ll find vendors on other market maps that we don’t list – on purpose. Ours is not better than theirs. It’s simply a matter of what we each decide to cover based on the intent or stated purpose of the graphic.

The purpose of our graphic is to show products that have the following focus.

  • B2B[1]
  • Enterprise[2]
  • Not primarily meant for marketers
  • Primarily meant for sales organizations[3]
  • Are software solutions – not services
  • Eliminating the apples-to-oranges comparisons

Category Definitions

We’ve also taken care to give the categories names that are easily understood. As an example, some analyst firms might refer to our “Video Selling” category as “Asynchronous Video.”  It’s just a difference in approach and you can argue that their language is more precise.

A fundamental objective is to reduce frustration that happens when you search sites for solutions and get results that are hodgepodge. They don’t have much in common even though they’re in the same category. To avoid that, we’ve created a Glossary of SalesTech Categories. You may want to start there. Find a category that describes what you’re looking to accomplish and then look at the solutions. Regardless of where you start, you can feel confident that solutions have carefully been grouped.

45 categories distributed among 5 different groups

  1. Reps: Salespeople, Presales[4], ISRs[5], SDRs[6]
  2. Skills Development & Reinforcement
  3. Management & Ops
  4. CRM Data Intelligence
  5. CRM

The Rep group includes 5 different sub-groups which are aligned with jobs-to-be-done:

  1. Prioritize: Call on the best leads and prospects first
  2. Engage: Get leads and prospects to hold meaningful conversations
  3. Earn: Build trust and credibility, map solutions to needs
  4. Close: Get the deal done
  5. Expand: Renew, upsell and cross-sell

There are some noticeable differences in categories this year. For one, we no longer have a Sales Enablement category. I’ll write a separate post on the history of the Sales Enablement category and why we made that decision. The bottom line is that Sales Enablement solutions tended to fall into one or two categories; content management, and training and coaching. Since those represent two separate jobs-to-be-done, and it would be confusing to call them both Sales Enablement, we’ve dropped the Sales Enablement label altogether. There are companies that offer both types of functionality and their logos are included in each category.

For those who hold a Sales Enablement role, I hope you welcome the change. Your role should not be bound to technology categories.

Another change is the combining of Sales Call recording & Coaching (often referred to as Conversation Intelligence) and Video practice and role-play into a new Sales Coaching Software category. It can be hard to demarcate solutions that make coaching possible from those that are purposed for coaching. If you’re looking for a coaching solution, look in the Sales Coaching Software category but know that other solutions may make some level of coaching possible (e.g. Sales Forecasting & Reporting solutions).

The next change has to do with a role that has, for too long, been underserved by technology. That role is Presales. It’s been great to see new solutions come to market specifically aimed at Presales – often called Technical Sales or Sales Engineers. These folks have a key role to play in demos and proof-of-concepts or pilots. Managers need data that just wasn’t possible to get without this new crop of solutions. Look for three categories;

  1. Demos
  2. Presales Enablement
  3. Presales Management

On the Engagement front, we’ve created two new categories

  1. Response-worthy content
  2. Embellished Email

I won’t go into details as you can see how they’re defined in the Glossary. Just keep in mind that these solutions are designed to grab attention above and beyond traditional email and content formats.

I’ll be giving more detail on the landscape and categories in future articles and webinars. Be sure to follow me on LinkedIn to stay up-to-date.

Before closing, I’d like to give recognition to Scott Brinker, whose led the way with his ever-expanding MarTech Landscape. I greatly appreciate his support. I’d also like to thank Michael Levy, one of the world’s leading experts on Sales Intelligence solutions for cross-checking and contributing. And finally, I recommend that you talk to the folks at Tenbound. Their Sales Development Landscape is a great resource for finding tools and services for SDR organizations.

[1] They can also sell to B2C but B2B has to be a primary focus.
[2] If it’s promoted as an SMB solution, we don’t include it. Note: CRM is an exception. We will be sorting out the SMB-only CRM solutions in a later edition.
[3] Marketers may pay for the solution, but Sales will be the primary user.
[4] Presales is sometimes referred to as Technical Sales, or Sales Engineers.
[5] Inbound Sales Rep that responds to inbound leads.
[6] Sales Development Reps often called Business Development Reps (BDRs).
Nancy Nardin

Nancy Nardin

Founder, Smart Selling Tools

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