Top marketing toolsIf you’re a B2B seller you no doubt find it increasingly difficult to make sense of the marketing technology landscape. Scott Brinker of Chiefmartec has created a marketing solution map for each of the past few years. In 2011, the map contained approximately 100 companies. In 2012 it grew to around 350. He skipped 2013, perhaps because the market was moving too fast because, as of the 2014 version, the map has grown to a staggering 950 companies. Even with nearly 1,000 companies listed, this landscape, according to Brinker, is not comprehensive.

It’s hard enough for large enterprises to decipher their needs and discern the best solution options. I feel for the small and medium-sized organizations looking to make technology purchases because they have even fewer resources to devote to the effort. And a big effort it is! As Brinker himself admits, “any attempt at categorizing a field this large will be imperfect.”

At Smart Selling Tools, we’ve been reporting on sales solutions for seven years. We’ve kept a dynamic Top 40 Sales Tools guide updated for two years. As marketing responsibilities dip further down the funnel becoming more closely tied to revenue, it makes sense for us to now search for and identify the top Marketing Tools.

It’s my pleasure to announce our upcoming, inaugural issue of the Top 40 Marketing Tools guide.

Given that our focus has always been on tools that drive revenue, it makes sense that we use that same lens to identify the Top Marketing Tools.
While infrastructure, back-bone, and middleware solutions are important, for our guide, we’ll highlight tools that affect revenue further down the funnel. We’ll focus on the intersection of marketing and sales.

To narrow the selection we’re asking, what are the best tools to:

  • Ensure that the leads salespeople receive from Marketing are accurate
  • Capture more leads from website visitors
  • Present web visitors with the most relevant and enticing content
  • Arm salespeople with the most relevant and most current marketing materials
  • Help salespeople nurture their leads through the sales cycle
  • Communicate in a way that gets noticed (i.e. Video)
  • Reach buyers where they live in social networks and online communities
  • Better communicate value and market positioning to prospects
  • Give salespeople insight on the behaviors that indicate sales readiness

We want to hear from you. What B2B marketing tools would you like to see on the list? Which are the tools that truly make an impact on sales? Which are the B2B marketing tools that are changing the way prospects interact and engage with salespeople? Which tools are you most excited about?
The overall objective of this guide is to help companies—of all sizes—know which solutions to look to first for impacting revenue and sales effectiveness. Post your comments and suggestions below.