Get to know your sales tools in just 2 minutes a week. This week, Nancy profiles Badger Maps, a field sales efficiency tool that lets salespeople drive less and pack in more sales visits. 

Sales ToolSkool Video Transcript:

This week’s topic is field sales efficiency tool that lets you drive less and sell more. I’ll be talking about a mobile sales app called Badger Maps.

With Badger you can easily map your current accounts and find new leads wherever you are so you can make as many visits as possible every day.

Salespeople can Plan and Optimize their customer visit Route easily because account data is taken directly from your CRM and plotted onto a map.

Where ever they’re going, salespeople can filter and map accounts by criteria like “last time the account was visited” or “size of the opportunity”. badger then builds the most efficient route. It even checks to make sure there’s enough time to get to each meeting based on location. And of course, Badger gives turn-by-turn Navigation.

Salespeople can also find new prospects that they don’t yet know about or have in their CRM.

You can easily search for new leads based on different criteria and location so that you can fill your day with high quality calls.

As appointments are completed, salespeople can quickly log their call into CRM without logging into their CRM. That saves valuable time and ensures that Managers get near real-time visibility.

Badger ensures easy access to CRM data and helps you see more prospects in less time. And that’s why we’ve name Badger one of our Top Sales Tool of 2015.

If you want a mobile app that helps your field salespeople drive less and sell more, go to today.

That’s it for this week’s ToolSkool.

Stay tuned for next week’s episode when we talk about a tool that automates the biggest bottleneck in your sales cycle.

Until then… Sell Smarter, with smart selling tools.