Get to know your sales tools in just 2 minutes a week. This week, Nancy profiles BuzzBoard, a solution that streamlines the four essential elements of a sales process: discovering, engaging, closing, and onboarding.

Sales ToolSkool Video Transcript:

Today I’ll be talking about an all-in-one solution that makes life easier for salespeople because it helps them close more business. I’ll be talking about BuzzBoard.

Question for you. What do you need in order to sell? There are really just 4 things.

You need to be able to discover the right contacts to call. You need to be able to engage them in meaningful conversations. You need to be able to move the deal forward to a close. And, you need to onboard your new clients successfully.

Buzzboard provides all 4 in one powerful, mobile solution.

First, their Discover solution helps you pinpoint the best sales opportunities for your products and services – we’re not just talking about basic lead data – we’re talking a whole new approach.

For instance, if you sell advertising, you might want a list of companies that have a website and advertise with a competitor. The platform can be customized to deliver precise prospect searches for any industry.

Once you discover the best prospects, you’ll need to engage them with insight that shows you bring real value to the table. BuzzBoard ENGAGE gathers information that pinpoints your prospect’s opportunity for improvement, shows them how they compare to their competitors, and outlines the ROI of your solution.

Now that your prospect is engaged, you’ll need to send follow-up material like customized presentations and proposals. BuzzBoard CLOSE makes that possible. Plus it has built-in esignature and epayment capabilities.

And last, once you’ve closed the deal, Buzzboard’s ONBOARD, delivers the order directly to your operations and fulfillment teams.

Buzzboard integrates with your CRM which means no duplicate entry is required.

With Buzzboard, your salespeople will have everything they need to discover & engage the best prospects with competition killing information, and to close and onboard new customers with ease and that’s why we’ve named BuzzBoard one of our top sales tools of 2015. Go to today and sign up for their free trial.

That’s it for this week’s ToolSkool. Stay tuned for our next episode when I talk about a tool that guides your prospects through the decision making process.

Until then…Sell Smarter, with smart selling tools.