Get to know your sales tools in just 2 minutes a week. This week, Nancy profiles CallidusCloud, a complete platform of solutions for producing revenue efficiently. Today I’ll be talking about their Sales Enablement solution.

Sales ToolSkool Video Transcript:

Welcome to ToolSkool, a video series about tools for generating Revenue efficiently. Today I’ll be talking about CallidusCloud. CallidusCloud offers a complete platform of solutions for producing revenue efficiently, starting at a lead going all the way through to order fulfillment. Today I’ll focus on their Sales Enablement Solution.

Of course you want your new salespeople to get up to speed quickly. And, you want your existing salespeople to get better and better results. That’s what CallidusCloud’s Sales Enablement solution is designed to do.

To start, it gives salespeople a common Homepage that marketing can populate with important information. You can use rotating banners, post the latest news, and use customizable containers that call attention to new content, most frequently used content, event calendars, and more. Define various homepage layouts based on role so it’s highly relevant to each person.

What about new reps? If you expect to onboard new reps efficiently, you’ll need a process and the process should be standardized with the right content and work-flow. CallidusCloud’s Onboarding guides new hires through their first 90 days with courses content and resources needed week by week.

Playbooks are useful for both new and seasoned salespeople. Offer tools like Cheat Sheets and sales kits that contain competitive information, pricing,… any information needed to move deals forward.

What about collaborating externally with customers and partners? With CallidusCloud, you can create customer specific portals that do away with inefficient, back and forth emailing of content. Every salesperson will have a single secure location for all content and communications with each of their prospects.

CallidusCloud helps you optimize productivity and performance across your entire sales organization from lead, to revenue, for both new and seasoned salespeople and that’s why we’ve name it one of our Top Sales and Marketing Tools of 2015.

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