Get to know your sales tools in just 2 minutes a week. This week, Nancy profiles Qstream, a mobile sales performance platform to build a smarter, higher performing sales team.

Sales ToolSkool Video Transcript:

This week’s topic is how to overcome the challenges that prevent your from growing revenue.  I’ll be talking about Qstream, a mobile sales performance platform.

Qstream is a powerful, yet simple Way to Build Smarter, More Confident Sales Teams.

Did you know that 1/3 of reps are not adequately prepared to drive buying decisions? How about that less than 4 hrs per month is typically spent on coaching? Sales turn-over is around 22% and it takes 10-12 months to onboard new reps to full productivity.

Those are pretty big challenges to revenue growth. Qstreams sales performance platform helps to fix that.

Here’s how… in just minutes a day, reps respond to fun, Q&A based sales challenges pushed to their mobile phone. They immediately see whether they got it right and get instant access to clarifying information. Game mechanics like leaderboards and social commenting make Qstream fun and engaging. And repetition—when needed—boosts retention of important knowledge.

Managers get access to dashboards that highlight team performance over time and opportunities for targeted coaching. Star ratings provide a quick snapshot of your reps’ strengths.

Even add Qstream coaching reports to your salesforce dashboards for greater insight into your team’s strength’s and capabilities.

Qstream makes it possible to elevate the performance of your entire sales team so you can grow revenue faster and that’s why we’ve named Qstream one of our top  sales tools of 2015.

Go to today to learn more.

That’s it for this week’s ToolSkool. Stay tuned for next week’s episode when I talk about a CRM solution you can set-up and run in literally minutes.

Until then…Sell Smarter, with smart selling tools.

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Nancy Nardin

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