Get to know your sales tools in just 2 minutes a week. This week, Nancy profiles SalesPredict, a Customer Life-Cycle Intelligence and Predictive Lead Scoring solution.

Sales ToolSkool Video Transcript:

This week’s topic is prioritizing your sales activities so you can optimize your revenue. I’ll be talking about a predictive, customer life-cycle intelligence solution called SalesPredict.

SalesPredict analyzes your won and lost opportunities, along with other historical data within your CRM and outside sources. It uses the information to predict which prospects are most likely to turn into customers, which customers are likely to buy more, and which customers are most likely to churn.

Here’s why you need SalePredict.

With hundreds or more prospects and customers to keep track of, it’s simply not possible to manually prioritize and allocate time in the best way.

With SalesPredict, a salesperson’s activities are automatically prioritized based on a score. The score is the result of analyzing key buying signals that indicate a prospect’s likelihood of purchasing.

Just as important as activity ranking – is knowing what’s behind the ranking. Salespeople can click on the ranking to get all the information they need. For instance, here you’ll see that Uriel Alvarado has an 82% probability of converting.

The salesperson will see the key factors that went into that rating so that they’re better equipped for capitalizing on the opportunity.

On the flip side, let’s say you have a large opportunity but it ranks as a ‘c’. SalesPredict can tell your salespeople why the deal is at risk as well as recommend action to turn it around and get it back on track.

SalesPredict scores leads based on scientific probabilities, prioritizes activities so salespeople close more deals in a shorter period of time, and makes it possible to reduce customer churn which has a huge impact on profitability, and THAT’s why we’ve named SalesPredict one of our Top Sales Tools of 2015. to learn more.

That’s it for this week’s ToolSkool.

Stay tuned for next week’s episode when we talk about a system that helps you discover, engage, close, and onboard customers.

Until then… Sell Smarter, with smart selling tools.