Get to know your sales tools in just 2 minutes a week. This week, Nancy profiles Yesware, a sales engagement and efficiency solution that works with your email and CRM.

Sales ToolSkool Video Transcript:

This week’s topic is how to gain more control of your communication with prospects. I’ll be talking about Yesware.

Yesware helps your team sell smarter. With Yesware, you and your salespeople can track email open and reply rates, how many times prospects clicked on your links, whether they’re viewing your attachments and even which pages they’re viewing.

It’s all valuable information that will help you keep tabs on sales rep activity along with what’s working.

Salespeople will get alerts each time someone opens their email, reviews an attachment, or clicks on a link. That makes it possible for salespeople to follow-up at the moment of engagement.

Those alerts are also viewable from within salesforce CRM.

Yesware also keeps track of who HASN’T replied. And which content isn’t being viewed. This is powerful insight into what sales messages and content resonate best so you can communicate those best practices to your entire team to replicate success.

It also helps you calibrate the probability of forecasted opportunities because prospects who don’t respond to communication attempts are less likely to buy.

Tracking email triggers and engagement is important, but that’s not all Yesware does. it also saves salespeople time because personal, customized email templates can be used for every stage of your sales process. Salespeople will spend less time re-creating emails and more time holding valuable sales conversations.

Speaking of sales conversations, Yesware has a really cool feature called click-to-call. It pulls contact information from Salesforce so salespeople can simply click on the phone number right from their inbox. Calls are automatically logged into Salesforce.

And finally, you can use their reports and analytics to understand which emails and content perform best.

Yesware is one of the best ways for your team to supercharge their sales communication and capture it within Salesforce and that’s why we’ve named Yesware one of our top Sales Tools of 2015.

Go to today and get your team signed up for a pilot.

That’s it for this week’s ToolSkool.

I hope you’ll join us for next week’s episode.

Until then, sell smarter with smart selling tools.