The Best of 2016

A lot happened in the world of sales and sales technology in 2016. To help summarize – we published 80 articles in all this year – you’ll find below some of our most popular blog posts, and LinkedIn write-ups. I’m super stoked that nearly 30,000 people viewed my fun YouTube Video using different sales methodologies to “Sell Me This Pen.”

People liked knowing about the technologies we selected for Top Marketing Tools of the Year and reading the take-aways from key events like Dreamforce and CEB Sales & Marketing Summit.

In addition to that, there was high interest in dealing with specific challenges like how to deal with “illogical” buyers and how to build a sales stack.

As 2016 comes to a close, I’m extremely grateful to our loyal followers who make what we do so incredibly rewarding. Thank you for your continued engagement. May you have a highly successful end to your 2016 and here’s to a fabulously successful 2017.

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