The Sales Signals We’re Ignoring Could Be Worth Millions

We’ve all heard the line, “If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” It typically leads to discussion on observations and perception, and the idea that if something is not heard, is it even there? 

Now, let’s apply it to sales. “If data about your customers and prospects isn’t entered into your CRM, does it even exist?”

I asked this question recently to a handful of sales executives and the answer was “we have mandated that all info needs to be entered into the CRM, but quite frankly, the reps aren’t doing it.”

With this week’s announcement of a professional league for Esports, it’s time to recognize what great salespeople have known all along. Sales is a sport. Think about it. We love to watch others optimize a process to achieve a goal, whether physical or mental. Just like a sports team, great sales teams are built with an obsessive focus on stats and success metrics. Sales needs the right players, and those players need the right tools. Closing the deal involves a playbook of emails, phone calls, social outreach, or, gasp, in-person meetings. Just as sports has been “Moneyball-ed”, sales is being scrutinized in new ways to arbitrage the best people and tools.

Recently, I did an hour and a half long demonstration of our CRM software, PipelineDeals. By all standards, software demonstrations should be short and to the point. The longer you talk through your platform, your message gets diluted, bugs inevitably crop up, and eyes (or ears) glaze over. They should most certainly NOT be an hour and a half long – that’s three times as long as my target time for most demos.

The demo drug on because the prospect kept pushing back; he was from the old-school and thought CRM software was too much work. Too much data entry, it’s a pain in the butt, and his salespeople didn’t need it! He didn’t know anyone that thought much of that new-fangled software, but his employees kept bugging him about it.

Pounding sales reps to enter sales activity data into CRM doesn’t sound like much of a future. People hate entering data into CRM, especially sales people. It’s just not in our DNA to want to spend lots of time entering data into a system that provides limited return on data entry.

CRM systems were thought to be the Holy Grail of business process improvement. For much of an organization, they are a great way to manage all the details for any given customer account. However, ask any sales rep about their customer relationship management (CRM) platform and you’ll likely hear a lot of groaning and complaints. …

The B2B community is facing some serious challenges with CRM ROI, but the steps needed to address these challenges aren’t always clear. CRM Implementation is Growing CRM software investments have overtaken every other category of enterprise software (by revenue).   Unfortunately, the exponential rise of CRM implementation hasn’t quite contributed to a renaissance of B2B …