As a sales leader, onboarding new hires quickly should be a top priority. Why? When your sales ramp rate is poor, it’s a huge drain on resources that can prevent you from hitting annual targets. It costs your company time and money that it could put toward new hires and increased sales.

So, how do you implement a great sales ramp rate that sets you up for success and lets your sales team soar?

1. Set clear objectives

New hires are usually keen to please. So, let them know exactly what’s expected so they have a goal to chase.

With this week’s announcement of a professional league for Esports, it’s time to recognize what great salespeople have known all along. Sales is a sport. Think about it. We love to watch others optimize a process to achieve a goal, whether physical or mental. Just like a sports team, great sales teams are built with an obsessive focus on stats and success metrics. Sales needs the right players, and those players need the right tools. Closing the deal involves a playbook of emails, phone calls, social outreach, or, gasp, in-person meetings. Just as sports has been “Moneyball-ed”, sales is being scrutinized in new ways to arbitrage the best people and tools.

The Sales analytics category has exploded in recent years, both in number and diversity.  A recent industry round-up listed 50+ providers, and the list continues to grow.  Metrics are the bedrock of any sales function (in fact, one could argue that no enterprise function is tracked, measured and analyzed more than sales!)

When most people picture a successful salesperson, they often think of ‘the closer’ – the one celebrating the big deal coming in, money showering down, and gongs going off.

These folks, particularly in enterprise companies, are often called Account Executives (AE). They manage the account, ultimately building and owning the relationship, then closing deals.

Ever since the switch to ‘inside sales’ became the dominant way to initiate deals –  over the phone and over email – it’s been the role of sales development representatives to start but not finish the process. Once a lead is qualified, it turns to the AE to make it happen.

74% of companies are spending more on enablement efforts than they did last year, but sales enablement teams are struggling to quantify the value of on-boarding and training efforts and identify what activities have the highest impact on rep productivity.

With average turnover at 30% per year, management is putting increasing pressure on HR and sales enablement to hire even more quickly and shorten onboarding time so reps can get into the field and start selling.

The most gifted public speakers seem natural, authentic, and knowledgeable. They inspire people to act. These orators don’t sound like they are reading, nor do they sound as if they are fumbling around to find answers. As a sales professional, this is the level of delivery that you and your team should aspire to with every sales call you make. Remember that many eloquent speakers prepare by practicing a written speech; salespeople should follow suit by using a terrific call script.

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