When most people picture a successful salesperson, they often think of ‘the closer’ – the one celebrating the big deal coming in, money showering down, and gongs going off.

These folks, particularly in enterprise companies, are often called Account Executives (AE). They manage the account, ultimately building and owning the relationship, then closing deals.

Ever since the switch to ‘inside sales’ became the dominant way to initiate deals –  over the phone and over email – it’s been the role of sales development representatives to start but not finish the process. Once a lead is qualified, it turns to the AE to make it happen.

Your job is to sell, right? Your product is pretty good, maybe even great… right? This should be easy, right? Wrong. Competition is fierce. No great idea goes uncopied. No decent company is in the game to lose, and it is blatantly obvious who the most valuable buyers are. That’s why most of them will …