CallidusCloud CPQ offers AI powered guided selling that enhances cross-sell and up-sell recommendations, can create a quote with ten’s of thousands of lines in just a few minutes, gives you quick access to margin health and can help reps generate beautiful proposals in minutes.

EverString Data Platform uses AI, machine learning and what they call a Human-In-The-Loop system to deliver the largest number of companies, the highest accuracy, and the greatest depth of signals per company. The result is a living, up to date and actionable database.

InsideView Apex is an all in one, go-to-market decision engine. It eliminates slow and ineffective ways companies typically do their go-to-market planning. It’s the executive decision engine that empowers you to visualize the world of possibilities… to dynamically plan, execute, measure, and optimize your go-to-market strategy.

Strikedeck uses data from all relevant sources, to identify and serve-up ready-to-go, customer KPIs in a convenient dashboard giving Sales Leaders a confident path to growth.It’s a Customer Growth platform for growing your book of business from each account.

Using Highspot, sales teams can quickly find the best-performing content, and customize it for each opportunity. That means they can engage in more relevant, impactful buyer conversations that result in more won deals.

Cirrus Insight puts Salesforce inside your email client so salespeople can spend more time selling and less time entering data into CRM. They can log calls, create or update opportunities, convert leads to contacts, anything they would do in Salesforce they can do without leaving their email.

Gong offers sales teams a way to improve the outcome of every sales call for every salesperson. Manager’s can conveniently coach their team and salespeople love it because it helps them hit quota.

Outside In’s DealSheet gives you a platform for organizing and scoring each opportunity against specific sales processes and steps. Its Account Plan gives helps account managers to build, follow, and measure a key account strategy.

Olono is a Sales activity management system that both managers and sellers use to increase average quota attainment (AQA). That’s the ultimate goal right? Making sure more salespeople hit quota than ever before. Olono does this in a totally NEW way with minimal set-up and configuration. We’re talking minutes, not hours or days.

Brainshark is a mobile-first solution that allows reps to learn anywhere from any device. They’ll always know the latest product messaging, competitive intel, market knowledge, and more. You can also sharpen skills with video-based practice, coaching, and reinforcement.