With Aviso, Sales Leadership, Sales Ops, Salespeople, can get the important information they need to close more deals and hit forecast.

You get an AI powered Forecast, Pipeline Predictions, automated roll-ups, and total visibility with AI-driven Insights.

With Adobe Sign and Adobe Document Cloud, you can improve the entire customer experience, all the while shortening the time to signature.

It’s one of my favorite applications for sellers because it directly affects the top-line.

With MindTickle you can make sure your reps know your product, that they’ve mastered your pitch, and they’re able to handle objections. Most importantly it lets you measure, track and coach.

BigTinCan helps salespeople move more deals through the pipeline faster and sales managers to be better informed about each deal. Imagine that your salespeople could quickly get the most relevant information to spike interest for each prospect and decision influencer. At the same time, picture what it would mean to have the visibility into your team’s meetings.

Conversica AI Assistant communicates with every lead until they are ready to talk to a salesperson. That means you get full coverage of your leads, you can grow your pipeline faster, and salespeople spend their time holding quality conversations.

Model N Revenue Cloud integrates the many disparate elements across your enterprise like; deal management, contract authoring and negotiation, rebate and incentives management, interoperability with SAP, contract life-cycle management, and pricing and quoting (or CPQ).

Groove jolts sales productivity by making Salesforce available within Gmail and by combining the functionality of many tools in one, like scheduling, and outreach workflow tools.

DiscoverOrg provides current data on people, and projects within the departments that spend the most money. That means they have verified contact, spending and org chart data on Marketing, Sales, IT, Finance, Start-ups & SMBs, Tech & Engineering, and Human Resource departments.

SimplyComp let’s you easily track & pay commissions, incentives, and bonuses while instantly communicating results to your entire team.
Finally, there’s a sales compensation solution designed for growing companies.