Gong offers sales teams a way to improve the outcome of every sales call for every salesperson. Manager’s can conveniently coach their team and salespeople love it because it helps them hit quota.

Outside In’s DealSheet gives you a platform for organizing and scoring each opportunity against specific sales processes and steps. Its Account Plan gives helps account managers to build, follow, and measure a key account strategy.

Olono is a Sales activity management system that both managers and sellers use to increase average quota attainment (AQA). That’s the ultimate goal right? Making sure more salespeople hit quota than ever before. Olono does this in a totally NEW way with minimal set-up and configuration. We’re talking minutes, not hours or days.

Brainshark is a mobile-first solution that allows reps to learn anywhere from any device. They’ll always know the latest product messaging, competitive intel, market knowledge, and more. You can also sharpen skills with video-based practice, coaching, and reinforcement.

Revegy gives enterprise sales organizations the tools needed to get, grow and retain deals from your large accounts. Revegy works with any CRM to give you a deeper understanding of the customer’s business and a way to plan and execute your sales strategy.

Want your salespeople to be happy? Just give them what they want! I’ll show you how RO Innovation helps you do just that with a tour of their 4 key areas of value, Reference Enablement, Content management, Sales Enablement, and Partner Enablement.

D&B Hoovers uses the world’s largest commercial database and sophisticated analytics to help you identify the most relevant sales opportunities and get you in the door faster. With D&B Hoovers salespeople will know who to sell to and why, and how to engage and when. 

OpsPanda lets you understand the underlying factors that are impacting your actual ability to hit targets so you can correct course, as often as needed, before it’s too late. You’ll know how to turn your Sales Capacity dials to impact ability to achieve targets.

Seismic is used by companies around the world to help sales teams find, create, & deliver the best sales content. Seismic delivers the right content for each prospect, makes it easy to share with prospects, and even shortens the time it takes to create relevant, customized sales pitches.

ClearSlide is a complete sales Engagement Platform including the best of Sales Enablement. Sellers need to do two things really well – Engage, and Demonstrate Value. ClearSlide’s solution provides for all of that in one platform.