Cloning Your Closers: Your 2019 Sales Enablement Playbook for Consistency Selling

In 2019, sales teams will focus strongly on ensuring every rep on the team can replicate the success of their top reps.

The Sales Enablement function is going to play a central role in “cloning the closers.” With 6000 Sales Enablement roles open in the US at the time we went to press, companies are increasingly thinking about sales enablement and setting up a dedicated function to help their reps exceed quota.

So what exactly does sales enablement do to achieve consistency selling? This guide shows you how to establish a world-class sales enablement strategy. In this guide you will learn:

  • What sales enablement is and why it’s important
  • How to evaluate your current sales enablement
  • Step-by-step to build a world-class sales enablement function
Teams that invest heavily in sales enablement see: 32% higher team sales quota attainment, 24% better individual quota achievement, and a 23% higher lead conversion rate. They also are 83% more effective at improving productivity using technology and are 58% more effective at finding, training, and retaining talent.

- Aberdeen Group