When I started Smart Selling Tools five years ago, I focused mostly on CRM.  There were (and still are) more than 100 different CRM tools on the market. Since CRM is the platform for sales organizations, it’s important to have ways to compare offerings and to learn what to look for. That was then.

SaaS changed everything.

As the Internet gained popularity, and SaaS offerings (aka cloud computing) gained credibility, it opened the door for more innovation in the sales software space. It didn’t take long for entrepreneurs to realize that SaaS (Software as a Service) lowered the barriers to entry and eliminated much of the cost of doing business in the software world.  For one thing, it meant that software no longer has to be packaged, inventoried, or shipped.

You no longer have to have the financial or market development muscle of an established player to successfully introduce new sales software. The good and bad news for sales leaders is this; while there are a lot of great tools now to choose from, you have to take the time to learn about and budget for them.

To make both tasks easier, we’ve partnered with 6 world-class sales software providers for a one-of-a-kind event. We will give away more than 100K of sales software in our Sales Software Sweeps. Sales Software Sweeps

My wish for this event is for sales leaders to learn about tools outside of CRM, and raise awareness of specialty software tools that can help you move more opportunities through the pipeline faster.

I encourage you to enter the sweeps for a chance to deploy powerful software tools at no cost. http://www.salessoftwaresweeps.com

Thanks go to: DocuSign, Qvidian, Front Row Solutions, OneSource, Sales Contest Builder, and IntroRocket