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DealCoachPro Secures First Patent for its Exclusive Sales Technology

Delray Beach, FL – March 2, 2021

DealCoachPro announced today being awarded its first Patent for its data-driven sales technology (Application No: 15/381,790). The software’s exclusive Deal Pursuit Framework takes a simple qualitative approach and turns it into data science. Based on decades of evidence-based selling pathology, the buyer-centric framework helps sellers map and assess buyer relationships while using predictors and guidance during deal pursuit to improve win rates.

“Getting our first software patent for DealCoachPro is an exciting accomplishment for our business and our team,” said Erik Mintz, CEO and founder of DealCoachPro. “We’ve always believed our software to be a ‘unicorn’ in the deal coaching category, and this patent further validates that our technology is like no other.”

DealCoachPro’s patented framework brings rigor and rhythm to deal pursuit and helps send better signals about deal health and viability. The technology uses visual heat maps to bring more clarity to deal legitimacy and the seller’s position with buyers while guiding sellers on what steps to pursue next to strengthen buyer relationships and advance deals. DealCoachPro helps customers experience improved win rates and increased forecasting accuracy by measuring deal health objectively.

“The patented DealCoachPro framework offers sales teams a unique way of dynamically assessing deal health and status. That’s important not just to know what to do to close deals, but when to say no to further investing in them,” says Steven Wright, Chief Analyst for Vendor Neutral.

Here’s why DealCoachPro’s patented technology is unique:

  • DealCoachPro is part of an emerging sales tech category: Deal Coaching Software
  • The patent underscores DealCoachPro’s unique approach to B2B deal pursuit leveraging technology
  • DealCoachPro combines a patented deal pursuit framework with a collaborative, visual platform to help sales teams put sales methodology into practice seamlessly
  • DealCoachPro takes qualitative inputs (seller’s insights about buyers and deals) and turns them into data science to visually communicate the health of a deal and highlight vulnerabilities

According to Gartner’s “A CSO’s Guide to Maximizing Sales Manager Impact,” managers who place a greater emphasis on deal coaching such as helping advance deals, negotiating for sellers and deal-focused problem solving with sellers are seeing far greater success. Gartner examined the anatomy of World-Class Sales Managers and uncovered that those who emphasize deal execution activities outperform their peers.

DealCoachPro’s list of inventors includes Erik Mintz, Bill Golder, Jason Reed, Lindes Roets, Joseph Simone, Joseph Hennessey, and Paritosh Patel.

DealCoachPro is being featured at Synapse Summit 2021. They will be exhibiting March 8-11.

About DealCoachPro

DealCoachPro’s data-driven deal coaching software drives deal execution for modern pursuit teams. Our patented framework brings rigor and rhythm to deal pursuit, helping send better signals about deal health. Visual heat maps bring instant clarity to deal legitimacy and the seller’s position with buyers, then guides sellers on steps to pursue next to strengthen buyer relationships and advance deals.

With DealCoachPro, customers experience improved win rates and improved forecasting accuracy. DealCoachPro is a private SaaS company headquartered in Delray Beach, Florida. For more information, visit

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