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WHUT is a powerful content management solution that takes the content avalanche and sifts through it to find and deliver a perfect snowflake.

Nancy Nardin and Eric Parker, Business Development Executive for WHUT, as discussed how WHUT manages your entire content library and effectively distributes content across the sales team, increasing productivity and control of your content in a simple to use platform.

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A successful ABS strategy requires one critical element most people aren’t talking about!

What is the oft missing ingredient?

In this webinar, you’ll learn what it is and how to do it so that you can drive real, sustainable and predictable, long-term revenue growth within your accounts.

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JP Werlin, CEO and Co-Founder of PipelineDeals, together with John Serrantino, top performing Sales Executive, talk with Nancy Nardin about how small and medium sized companies should choose a CRM.

You’ll hear about the two things you absolutely must do before you buy anything! See PipelineDeals in action and see why it’s one of the fastest growing CRM platforms for the SMB market.

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Nick Ezzo, VP Demand Generation at Host Analytics, had been looking for an automated way to capitalize on the valuable information trapped in campaign reply emails. Nick needed to improve two critical metrics: (1) coverage within target accounts and (2) lead quality to grow the pipeline and accelerate sales.

Hear how Nick did it in a 20-minute Q&A with Nancy Nardin, nationally recognized authority on sales tech. Then Co-Founder and CEO of LeadGnome, Matt Benati, gives viewers an inside look into how LeadGnome works.

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Join Nancy Nardin and guests Merdith Casaday and Craig Smith, of Unum, to hear why they selected Adobe Sign and to see a live demo. Learn how Unum was able to achieve:

Faster business. Better service. Improved tracking.
Completed and signed forms are returned by customers in less than 24 hours, customers easily made policy changes and better document reporting provided insights into further business process enhancements.

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Toro, an industrial turf equipment and irrigation systems company, needed a mobile sales solution that could be deployed globally to their network of professional distributors, dealers, and retailers in more than 90 countries, across multiple platforms and multiple languages.

With a fully branded solution for iOS, Android, and Windows using the App Data Room platform, the applications were easily distributed across Europe and Asia. Salespeople are able to navigate this easy to use tool and now can access content in their native language right at the time they need it.

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As more customers require quantifiable proof they are making the right decision when purchasing a new product, solution providers who cannot provide financial justification are at a disadvantage. This is especially true whether you are selling against an incumbent market leader, or fighting against the status quo.

In just 45 minutes you’ll learn how Mark Arman, former Vice President, Business Development for ShoreTel, leveraged an online interactive total cost of ownership (TCO) tool and guarantee program to help his sales reps and channel partners better communicate and quantify the unique value of proposed solutions to prospects, and how he was able to quickly achieve:

• Increased win rates from 62% to 90%
• An additional $30 million in incremental revenue over five years
• Elevated sales margins

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DiscoverOrg eliminates manual research (of prospects and contact details), delivers the precise information salespeople need (like current initiatives and installed technologies), and can get you in the door before your competition (with it’s unique OppAlerts functionality). See how it works and learn how it has made a profound difference for customers who use it.

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The most successful sales reps and managers embrace a wide variety of sales and marketing technologies to help them accelerate productivity. But the quest to automate… well, everything, can often lead to a loss of the human touch that is needed to effectively engage with your leads. And as complicated as your sales stack can be, sometimes your goals are very simple.

The Los Angeles Film School knew they needed to contact every lead in person, but was falling behind. Instead of its goal of at least seven attempts to contact every lead, its sales people were only making an average of 1.6. But then they found the missing piece of the stack puzzle that increased their lead engagement by a whopping 33 percent.

Ben Chaib describes how he did it, leveraging artificial intelligence through Conversica, a Top Sales Tool of 2016!

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Consensus accelerates B2B sales by driving consensus among stakeholders in the prospect’s buying group. By automating custom product demos, clients have cut their sales cycles by 68% and jumped close rates 44%.

Drive agreement across B2B buying groups with personalized video demos. Discover, engage, and track every stakeholder… automatically.

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