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In this webinar, Nancy, Valerie, and Ryan discuss various pains that sales organizations experience on a daily basis and how a fully digital solution can ease your workflow. And Ryan Vandersloot, Account Executive at DocuSign, demos the solution showing how easy it can be to go digital with DocuSign’s eSignature.

RingCentral needed a way for their reps to easily deliver compelling messages and content that demonstrated their ROI, such as case studies, presentations, and datasheets. And with new products and features being released frequently, it was important that sales teams had the most current and effective messaging available.

WHUT is a powerful content management solution that takes the content avalanche and sifts through it to find and deliver a perfect snowflake. Nancy Nardin and Eric Parker, Business Development at WHUT, discuss how WHUT distributes content across the sales team, increasing productivity and control of your content in a simple to use platform.