Even if you haven’t participated in one yourself, you’ve probably seen how they work from a TV show or commercial. I’m talking about those focus groups where a group of strangers sit in a conference room with a facilitator at one end and a mirrored wall at the other.

Webiste tracking is like watching a focus group

When we track our prospects’ actions online and through email, the same phenomenon takes place. Prospects know their website visit actions may be watched but they don’t know for sure. So they go along.

The minute you tell a prospect “I see that you were on our website a few minutes ago” the relationship changes. Use your website and email tracking software to gain knowledge about a prospect’s level of interest or the right time to call. Go ahead and pick up the phone when a hot prospect makes a return visit to your site. Just say the right thing.

The wrong thing:
“It’s Willy Loman from Wagner Co. I saw that you were on our site and I’m calling to see what’s up.” (Lest you think no one would say that, trust me. They do. I received this very voicemail recently albeit the names have been changed)

The right thing:
“It’s Zig Ziglar calling. The last time we spoke, you asked about our success kits. I’m calling because we’ve made some updates that would impact your success.“ (Voila! Perfect timing)

Use knowledge about your prospects actions to communicate at the right time about the right thing. Just don’t acknowledge the people behind the mirror.