Dreamforce 2012: A Spectacular Spectacle

I just returned from Dreamforce 2012. You’ve probably read over and over, that there were 90,000 people registered, 750 sessions, and more than 350 exhibitors. While those numbers top those of previous years, the show seemed less crowded. Salesforce did a great job providing outdoor space and entertainment which, I think, kept the show-floor free of lookie-loos killing time in between sessions. The vendors I spoke to said they had higher quality conversations with higher qualified prospects. That’s good for everyone.

Dreamforce 2012 recap blogSalesforce announced new social and mobile cloud computing innovations that connect companies with their customers, partners, employees and next-generation products in entirely new ways. According to the company, “These breakthrough technologies will enable companies to transform how they sell, service, market, collaborate, work and innovate for the social revolution.”

With Marc Benioff’s usual flare, he pontificated about his passion on social themes for more than 3 hours. If you’d like to see for yourself, this and all other keynotes of the event can be viewed here on YouTube. This Dreamforce was packed with announcements that coalesced around the topic including Chatterbox, Salesforce Touch, Social Key and Work.com.

The one take-away from Dreamforce I didn’t expect, was a nasty bug that has laid me flat out making it near impossible to think. Luckily, I wrote and published a cool-tool recap on Saturday, before it kicked in. The recap lists some intriguing must –see sales tools that caught my attention while making my rounds visiting and chatting with vendors.

Being under the weather, I still want to let you in on the key take-aways (the good kinds) Thankfully, I can refer you to some great bloggers that captured the event in their own recaps. With that in mind, check out the following links and you’ll get the gist of what took place during those 4-5 days.

• Nine observations and takeaways from Dreamforce #DF12 http://ow.ly/dX19f  by Matt Heinz

• Best Dreamforce ever! http://ow.ly/dX1Cz by Lori Richardson
• Drinking from the Dreamforce Fire Hose – Part One The Big Picture http://ow.ly/dZ2bn by Laurie McCabe

Nancy Nardin at Dreamforce 2012Dreamforce as an event stands alone. It’s a cloud Lalapalooza. It’s the biggest networking party of the year. It’s an experience for all of your senses. It’s a not-to-be-missed event, even if you aren’t a salesforece CRM user. Next year’s event is already on the calendar. November 18-21st in Benioff’s beloved San Francisco.

Do yourself and your company a huge favor and mark your calendar for this November 18th. You’ll want to reserve your room for the event as soon as possible (which for most hotels in downtown San Francisco is one year in advance) Rates were triple and quadruple the normal in response to the huge demand. No telling what the demand will be for next year—other than “more”. One thing you can be sure of, there will be no other event like it in 2013.