Dreamforce is about a month away. It’s the biggest event in the industry and literally takes over the city of San Francisco. They even used a cruise ship last year to accommodate attendees.

Dreamforce is also probably the most expensive show your company attends. Everyone wants to maximize the return on this investment – and that means leads.

Yet, while companies spend a huge amount of effort on marketing prior to Dreamforce, they often fall short in what’s needed to successfully manage and follow up on leads after the event. Without a detailed strategy in place, you’re wasting your investment when it matters the most.

As you get ready for this event, don’t forget to put together a post game plan that does the following in order to maximize your ROI.

#1. Quickly prioritize leads

Not all the leads you get at Dreamforce will be good leads. Your booth staff can’t always avoid the swag hunters – gladly offering to have their badges swiped in exchange for free giveaways. Inevitably, you will have poor leads mixed in with good ones.

As soon as Dreamforce ends, your first order of business is to quickly filter the poor leads from the quality ones. With automation and engagement analytics, you get a process to identify which opportunities to pursue first.

Automation, including email templates and email and call scheduling, let your sales organization instantly follow up with hundreds of leads after the event. With customizable email templates, you can easily build a series of 3-4 personalized emails, divvy up leads across the team, and have them press the go button.

Engagement analytics immediately start to show you which prospects are interacting the most – and the least. With the right technology platform, each prospect will be scored based on their engagement with your content and emails – so you can instantly see where your team should focus its efforts and get to the right opportunities faster than your competition.

#2. Speed qualification processes

By not chasing down bad leads, your team saves precious time – letting them pay attention to the real opportunities. Net net? Your reps get more actual prospect conversations in a much shorter amount of time – speeding the sales process.

You don’t want your reps to spend time writing and sending manual emails following an event like Dreamforce. With automated and prioritized email follow up, reps increase their quality connects up to 4x.

Furthermore, automation isn’t limited to email. As part of LiveHive’s platform, for example, we include an integrated click dialer. By using a click dialer versus a company line, Seculert, a leader in security attack detection and analytics, saw a 30% increase in prospects answering their calls.

Automation also improves customer nurturing. According to Demand Gen Report, nurtured leads increase sales opportunities up to 20%. With automation, you can speed processes yet still personalize outreach for more effective and efficient nurturing. If you have notes from Dreamforce pertinent to a specific prospect, be sure that data is passed down to reps so they can include it and personalize their email template even more.

3. Monitor rep activities

Sales leaders need visibility into team behaviors after an event like Dreamforce. Leaders need to make sure that follow up is timely and that reps are doing the right activities at the right activity level that’s needed to engage with buyers you talked with at the show.

With engagement analytics, leaders get insight across their entire team, so they can monitor what’s happening in near real-time. They get objective data on rep activities and prospect engagement levels and can see individual rep email and call effectiveness. If a leader notices that a rep’s Dreamforce follow up activity is too low, they can step in and coach them to the right level.

It’s about Execution

How you manage and follow-up on all of your leads after any event makes a huge difference in your ability to win deals. Execution must be swift and precise as soon as your team returns to the office. Reps need to be ready to jump out of the starting gate.

Sales automation and analytics maximize the productivity of your sales team so you can perform at top speed. With faster sales processes and prioritized opportunities, you can increase sales accepted leads (SALs) and maximize your Dreamforce ROI.


Today’s post is by guest author, Graham Curme, CEO of LiveHive, Inc. LiveHive provides an open and extensible sales acceleration platform that powers businesses to drive higher sales growth and deliver greater customer value. Curme is a senior business executive with 25 years of experience in technology sales, including senior management roles at both multinational public and private startup companies.