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Five Personalization Hacks for Cold Emails to Double Your Open & Conversion Rates

As a powerful hack in the sphere of sales and marketing, cold emails play a pivotal role in prospecting and conversion. Cold emails are employed as an outreach platform to build an ongoing relationship with a prospect.

Many times the prospect who is a total stranger, has little or no idea about you or your product, which puts cold emails at risk of being marked spam; remain unopened or sometimes even discarded.

When personalized, cold emails can be a favourable medium for communication. 

Emails deliver the highest ROI for marketers, making them a solid contender in the sales engagement funnel. Therefore it is essential to capitalize on the advantages of this tool the right way.

Why Personalize?

An average user gets about 147 emails per day. However, not even 50 per cent these emails are opened, forget about being read. On the contrary, personalized emails deliver six times higher engagement rates. 

Personalization resonates well with the leads you are trying to sell your product to because it sends out a message that they are important to you, makes them feel valued because they see their name, clear objective of why it is relevant to them thereby upping the chances of considering to respond (even if it is negative). 

1. Know your Target

Get to know your leads. Aside their name, learning about their relevance with your product, interests and even their authority in the business will give you a clue to make your content relevant to their needs. 

You need to tailor your content around the information you gathered about them so that they don’t feel uncomfortable being contacted out of the blue. 

You could get some insights about their interests using the following ways :

  1. Read about them on social – Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter – know their strengths, responsibilities, problem points and try to figure a pattern where your product could play a role.
  2. Focus on what keeps them up all day – try to provide a relevant solution. 
  3. Try and find mutual connections that you can mention while writing to them, helping them warm up to you quickly.
  4. Reference their work that could make it relevant for you to establish a connection. 

By doing any or all of the above, you not only try and lay a strong foundation in understanding your audience but also see fit where your product could be of value, in turn, establishing the personalization factor.

2. Personalize the Email

The key to personalizing your cold email is to start with the subject line. The subject line is the first thing a prospect is going to look at to decide whether it is worthy enough to open. However, know that cold emails with personalized subject lines get 26% higher open rates.

Personalization Increases Open Rates

Here is what you can do to personalize the subject line of your cold email:

  1. Call out their first name (“Hi Jordan”, “Hey Stephanie”)
  2. Address a pain point (“Did you know you could fix………”, “10 ways to manage your daily mailing list”)
  3. Express gratitude or give them credit (“Appreciate your interest”, “I took that advice”)
  4. Keep it short 

Personalization can also seep further down to the email’s body to encourage prospect engagement by including short, fun anecdotes about your product. A personalized video landing page would work wonders and stir the interest in your prospects.

Using Video For Sales Tip 4

A typical individual’s attention span is just 5 seconds which is less than that of a goldfish. Adding a video to personalize your email by including elements such as the prospects name, logo and customized landing page is going to increase the chances of click rates by 300% easily.

A personalized email could get an open rate of 75% which is at least a 30% increase as against its original run of the mill competitor.

Further, prospects who see this email would think this has been designed exclusively for them because it is outlining every element, personalizing it right from the name till the landing page.

It also promises that the mailer is a person whose effort to connect with the prospect was nothing less than serious.

However, this does not mean you have to spend hours together drafting out personalized messages to humanize the cold emailing exercise. You have a video platform like Hippo Video for prospecting. You can send out bulk emails but still, make them look as if they were crafted just for the prospect.

Personalizing Email Tip 1

More than just plain text emails – emails with personalized landing pages can double your chances of visibility and conversion.

Also other email services such as MailChimpGMass offer you options to personalize any aspect of your email’s body. 

3. Gain Trust

Trust is everything. Prospects like to be guided to make an informed decision. It also means you are focusing on the pain points of your prospects and offering an insightful reference on why they should schedule a call with you or subscribe to your newsletter.

Your emails can be tweaked not only to give the right amount of information but also gently nudge them towards your product without explicitly screaming “This is my sales pitch”. 

You could add the following in your email to make it more credible:

  1. Let the data do the talking – use graphs, customer reviews/ testimony, chart and metrics to magnetize your leads.
  2. Give more with less – use infographics to drive information. 
  3. Use personalized videos to connect with your audience. You could even create customized landing pages for them. 

By gaining trust, you prove you can show authority doubling your chances of a response. 

Personalization Tip 2

4. Elevate USP

The more the prospect trusts you, the more likely they are to purchase your product and recommend your business to their colleagues. It is also a good idea to elevate your unique selling proposition which can place you in a far superior position against your competitors. 

Your USP can be as simple the exclusive features, customization or flexibility of your product/service. Your USP will give you an edge over your competitors and justifies why the prospect should choose to have a call with you over your competitors. 

5. Call To Action

Your email is going out to fulfil the most crucial objective of urging the prospect to take action, which brings us to the last hack in the list – CTA (Call To Action). 

Your call to action has two thumb rules – focused and clear. Make sure you focus on one objective and not too many. Keep it simple for the prospect to understand what is the ask. 

Make your call to action very lucid. 

  1. A button that takes your prospect to a personalized landing page where you further nudge them into subscribing for a free trial.
  2. A calendar link asking them to sign up for a webinar or a session on the relevant value proposition of your product
  3. Book a meeting by providing a link for registering for a demo. 

In any case, make sure the CTA is clear, and there is no ambiguity. Prospects could be given limited options but not misdirected. 

There are several other personalization techniques you could use that can add value to the email you send. Whatever be the approach you follow, make sure you are setting the tone to follow up.

Creating a personalized email increases the odds of the prospects remembering your product and of them opening the next email they receive from you.

Persistence is the key – trying out different methods and employing techniques by keeping the prospect in mind will go a long way in turning a cold email warm. 

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