Enterprise Sales Tech

Category Glossary

Video practice and role-play along with sales call recording and coaching have merged into this new category called Sales Coaching Software. As solution providers have expanded their platforms to include additional functionality, it became necessary to have a broader category. A third type of functionality has also been included which is coaching reps on specific deals (see also pipeline reviews and account & opportunity management).

Typical solution functionality includes:

  • Analyzing customer calls, meetings and emails to uncover key insights and coaching opportunities.

  • Deal coaching to ensure the right people are involved along with other key factors.

  • Coaching reps on their video pitches and role-plays and sharing best practices across the team.

This category of solutions is about creating, delivering – and measuring the results of – learning exercises. These solutions can be used for new hire onboarding as well as ongoing development and reinforcement. They are different from traditional corporate learning and development (L&D) solutions in many ways. First, they’re designed for remote, virtual, and self-directed learning unlike classroom-style L&D. Furthermore, they’re designed for ongoing reinforcement using micro-learning approaches and customized learning paths. See also Sales Coaching Software.

Typical Functionality includes:

  • Content Authoring

  • Creating learning exercise paths

  • Immediate access to reinforcement materials that explain correct and incorrect answers

  • Reporting on progress for individual and teams

  • Real-time and up-to-date Scorecards