Enterprise Sales Tech

Category Glossary

If you sell to key accounts and/or your opportunities are high-value, you will want to strongly consider these solutions. These solutions provide for internal collaboration, planning, documentation, and execution to penetrate and expand within accounts and win more opportunities. Think of these as platforms for operationalizing revenue growth.

Typical features may include:

  • Organizational mapping

  • Buying-team sentiment

  • Product penetration or white-space analysis

  • Assignment of responsibilities and tracking outcome

These solutions incorporate AI and machine learning to identify the best next actions for each deal in the pipeline. It’s tough for salespeople to keep up with hundreds or thousands of moving parts. Each opportunity requires different activities at different stages with different people. These solutions tell sellers and managers which activities and actions are required and when to get repeatable, predictable.

  • AI-powered recommendations and playbooks

  • Automatic logging of deal activity into CRM

  • Analysis of recorded conversations

  • Identification of “next-step” best actions

  • Predicting risk in the forecast

Providing a way to search and find information and resources needed to move deals forward. These solutions put relevant information on customers, deals, products, competitors and activities into one searchable view. Share files, make calls, ask questions, find answers to keep your sales team productive.

Look for features like:

  • Chat

  • File sharing

  • Channels or topic views

  • Access to relevant content

  • Voice and video calls

These solutions make it possible to leverage the voice of your customer at all stages of the sales cycle without over-using any one customer. The process includes recruiting, logging which activities each customer is willing to participate in and how often, and giving sellers access to the right reference customer for each deal no matter the stage.

Look for features such as:

  • Customer reference lead generation,

  • Reference activities performed

  • Customer rewards and metrics

  • Revenue-impacted metrics

These solutions are for sharing information and collaborating with prospects on their own personalized, private, web page (portal). Rather than – or in addition to – emailing content, the content is curated into the prospect’s private collection. No need for prospects to search for attachments and text links buried across multiple emails. Content can include contracts and proposals, videos, collateral, anything that is relevant to the deal. This is the new, modern way of communicating with prospects that improves the prospects buying experience. It also helps sellers identify members of the buying team and to understand each of their interests.

Typical functionality includes:

  • Posting content to a shared, private space

  • Collaboration via chat or email

  • Ability to forward invitations to other buying team members

Presales is an important function in many sales organizations. Sometimes its referred to as Technical Sales or Sales Engineers. This emerging category is specifically for executing on Proof of Concepts, pilots, and mutual action plans. See also Demos and Presales Management categories.

Functionality includes:

  • POC dashboard with health and POC data

  • Scope collaboration and definition (including mutual action plans)

  • POC collaboration with the prospect

  • Issue Tracking

These solutions allow your sellers to quickly and easily quantify the economic impact to the customer. These tools can be used at any stage of the customer journey, including renewal time. Typically they include the ability to present various hypothesis and use-cases that are then translated into economic benefit.

Functionality may include:

  • Web ROI calculator tools

  • Value realization tools

  • Value summary documents

  • Industry metrics research and comparison