Enterprise Sales Tech

Category Glossary

These solutions use AI in several ways. Some offer a virtual assistant to automatically reach out to and engage with prospects without the help of a human. Others use AI to write better emails. Virtual assistants make it possible to touch every single lead multiple times and to pursue expired or stalled leads you don’t want your sellers spending time on.

Look for features like:

  • Tone checking

  • Response probability scoring

  • Automatic composing and sending of emails

  • Automatic responses using AI and machine learning

  • Handing off to a salesperson when the prospect is ready.

Preparation meets opportunity. These solutions ensure your sellers have perfect conversations. They aren’t scripts per se’. Instead, they help sellers prepare agendas, talking points, objectives, questions to ask, and more. Sellers either enter notes as their talking or notes are auto-generated from the call recording. Either way, meeting results and next steps are entered into CRM automatically and Managers get to see which works and what doesn’t. (see also Sales Coaching Software)  

Typical functionality includes:

  • Agenda building

  • Talking point prompting

  • Playbooks

  • Note-taking

  • Next Action logging

These solutions make it possible for sellers to deliver best-in-class pitches. They allow for collaboration when preparing for and presenting demos. It’s a new class of solutions primarily aimed at Presales function.

Typical features may include:

  • Agenda Building

  • Interactive product experiences

  • Self-Guided demos

  • Automated follow-up

Manually or automatically dial Your Leads from your computer. These solutions log the dials and the disposition (answer/no-answer, voicemail, conversation) many if not most offer local presence, or the ability to make it appear as if you’re calling from the prospect’s area-code. Stand-alone dialers are often used in high-transaction sales.  We tried to keep this list focused on phone/dialing capabilities but a few companies, like ConnectAndSell and MonsterConnect do the dialing for you and connect you immediately to live conversations. Please also see outreach automation solutions which have built-in dialer functionality.

Example dialer functionality may include:

  • Local Presence caller ID

  • Ability to use any phone system including VOIP

  • Automatic voicemail drop

Short and sweet. That’s the rule of thumb for effective prospecting emails. Unfortunately, while “short” is not so hard to do, “sweet” is difficult. Embellished email is a new category of solutions that lets salespeople create highly stylized emails that demand attention and engagement. Do away with attachments and boring text links or images that display as blank spaces unless “downloaded” by the recipient.

Typical features may include:

  • Webpage-like presentation of content

  • Cards that include graphics and links

  • Dynamic email signatures

Some refer to these as Sales Acceleration solutions or Sales Engagement solutions. Since they’re mostly aimed at top of funnel communication, we’re calling these specialized systems “Lead Engagement.” Specifically for inside sales reps (ISRs), or sales development reps (SDRs), they all include a dashboard of leads to contact, a way to reach them, scripts and call disposition notes. These systems make it possible to do high-velocity calling and dispositioning of calls along with next action scheduling. They are used separately from (but the data logs into) CRM.

Example functionality may include:

  • Inbound lead routing

  • Dialer capability

  • Automatic voicemail drop

  • Scripts

  • Web research links (to view the prospect website or LinkedIn)

Think Zoom calls. Online meeting solutions provide the ability to share screens, use webcams, and present or demo products.

We don’t include webinar solutions unless they offer a meeting solution as well.

Typical Functionality includes:

  • Webcam video for participants

  • Meeting recording

  • Share and play video

  • Screen sharing

  • Virtual Backgrounds

  • Searchable transcripts

Like Lead Engagement solutions, Outreach Automation solutions also enable high velocity outreach. The difference is that these solutions center around cadences. Given that it can take an average of 15 outreach attempts to connect with a lead, it’s critical to have a solution that allows reps to perform cadence or automatic sequenced attempts across channels (first an email, then a phone call, then a social outreach, then a 2nd email with video, etc). Each email or phone call would be pre-populated or scripted. All activity is tracked in CRM. Outreach is often personalized with the contacts name along with a reference to their specific industry or interests. It’s becoming harder to differentiate Outreach Automation solutions from Lead Engagement solutions. I predict these categories will merge into one.

Typical functionality may include:

  • Outreach orchestration – setting up the sequences or cadences

  • Pre-populated emails to send at each step

  • Scripts for the calling steps

  • The ability to automatically disconnect a contact from the automation when they reply

With Remote Selling becoming the norm, it’s time for sellers to go beyond pitching products using PowerPoint. Buyers expect to see interactive presentations that are multi-dimensional and interesting. New features may include augmented or virtual reality including 3D product models. Also see Demos category.

Typical Features to look for:

  • Multimedia

  • Animation

  • Augmented reality and/or 3D models

Click to send personal gifts or incentives to engage prospects and entice them to meet. These solutions make it super easy to create campaigns for generating meetings at scale and to send one-to-one gifts to important clients.

Typical Functionality includes:

  • Direct Mail

  • Personalized Gifts

  • Branded Swag

  • Scheduling options

  • Handwritten notes

This is a newer category of solutions that curate, condense and/or beautify content in a way that makes it more consumable and interesting to buyers. The effectiveness of long-form content is suffering given the poverty of attention among buyers. Response-Worthy Content is more attention worthy and can lead to greater ROI on your long-form content. It can be used on social networks, emails, even ad units and can include CTAs, forms, and rich media.

Typical functionality includes:

  • Specialized content formatting

  • Ability to Personalize

  • Interactive and rich media elements

These solutions make it possible to create a repository of sales materials, documents, videos, and learning material so sellers can offer prospects the most relevant information. Content can automatically be served up within CRM or Email based on the prospect’s information (industry, sales stage, or other important factors). Save your sellers time and ensure they have the most effective materials for every sales situation. We do NOT include cloud storage solutions. Minimum criterion is to centralize content into a branded collection.

Typical functionality includes:

  • Intelligent content recommendations

  • Filtering for role or region

  • Content microsites for individual prospects

  • Brandable content dashboards

  • Access to content from within Email or CRM

Make it easy to find mutually available meeting slots and to allow prospects to schedule meetings directly into your calendar. The most innovative solutions allow website visitors to schedule sales meetings making sure to share the calendar availability of the correct rep (based on account or territory assignment). We do NOT include solutions that are solely for service-based interactions (e.g. booking haircuts.) note: Many other solution categories include scheduling functionality. We do not list them here.

Typical functionality may include:

  • Online dashboard for scheduling time with a salesperson

  • Email widget that displays availability

  • Schedule Appt link on website

  • Mutual availability finder

Reps that rack up mileage doing daily field visits (think door-to-door sales) need access to solutions that make them more productive. This includes functionality like lead/address look-up, route planning, forms and contracts along with fast access to presentations and catalog information. Managers get access to activity tracking and visit outcomes. Help reps get the most value from their territory.

Look for:

  • Prospect look-up

  • Daily visit/route-planning

  • Call disposition

  • Access to catalogs & sales assets

  • Activity tracking

Video can humanize a salesperson from being ‘just’ a voice at the other end of the phone. Sending a video message can open doors. They personalize the message and convert the outreach from seeming cold, to feeling warm and sincere. Video email campaigns that automate video personalization and track engagement make it scalable. Personalized landing pages with personal pitches add to a great buyer experience.

Typical functionality may include:

  • Video email

  • Personalized video (with prospect’s info)

  • Video for social media