Enterprise Sales Tech

Category Glossary

Referred to as CPQ, these solutions make it possible to put together quotes for complex solutions that could have multiple configuration options and to price them according to each specific customer’s pricing schedule. Rules and logic intelligently guide sellers or buyers through the product configuration process. Some offer 3D visualization options to see the product creation in real time as each option is selected. We have not included solutions that are meant strictly for self-service ecommerce.

Typical functionality includes:

  • Quotes that can include bill of materials, drawings, spec sheets and more

  • Accurate pricing data for each account across any channel (sales, web, channel)

Creating professional proposals with custom fields and variables to automatically insert information like client and company names. Also saving product descriptions, case studies, images, or entire proposals in one content library. Solutions may include co-authoring and other collaboration as part of the workflow. May include RFP automation capabilities which can automatically draft relevant answers.

Typical functionality may include:

  • Approval roles and routing

  • Co-authoring

  • Content repositories

  • Esignatures

  • Invoicing

While customer experience and success aren’t technically sales functions, renewing, upselling and cross-selling activities can be hampered if customers are unsatisfied. Therefore, we’ve decided to include them. These solutions may include monitoring and automatic actioning but may also offer new customer onboarding and training functionality.

Look for:

  • Trigger and action-based workflows

  • Targeting customer groups with campaigns

  • Automated playbooks and outreach triggers

You can retain revenue and drive account expansion when your salespeople and other customer-facing employees have a 360° of the customer. These solutions provide a single, unified system of record for each and every customer along with health scoring and critical status changes.

Typical solutions include:

  • Mapping and syncing fields across all relevant systems

  • Centrally managing data work-flows

  • Central view or profile of all relevant customer information