Enterprise Sales Tech

Category Glossary

CRM account and contact data changes constantly. Companies get acquired, contacts change jobs or move from one company to another. These solutions do two things. First, they identify which of your contact data is incorrect or invalid (or duplicative) and make the necessary corrections, and they append or enrich missing contact data.  Enriching is the process of adding additional information to your existing contacts for more complete data.

Typical functionality includes:

  • Contact database analysis

  • Verify and enrich leads before they enter CRM

  • Duplicate record merging

  • Remove stale records

One of the most common complaints is that salespeople don’t log information into CRM. That leaves management to make decisions based on what is most surely inaccurate and out-of-date information. Not having good CRM data is often blamed for an inability to deploy leading edge salestech – salestech which depend on good data to work. Solutions in this category have recognized that it’s possible to automatically capture activities reps perform throughout the day so they don’t have to log them manually.

Functionality includes:

  • Automatically capture activity by associating calendars, dialers, notes from recorded calls, and email to the appropriate CRM records