Enterprise Sales Tech

Category Glossary

Makes sure your teams have a clear understanding of their activity and learning goals by gamifying them. Sellers compete with themselves or team members to accomplish goals and reach objectives. Leaderboards display running standings to recognize and motivate over time. Clear goal setting and identification of associated activities and progress keep sellers on track and give managers a way to know who needs coaching.

  • Custom branded leaderboards

  • Real-time goal tracking

  • Define individual and team goals

  • Award recognition, badges, and prizes

Presales teams (also known as technical sales or solution sales) are often responsible for the most valuable deals. They’re brought in to give demos and to show how the solution aligns with the prospect’s existing infrastructure and processes. It’s interesting to note that many presales teams are still using their own cobbled together solutions (using generic office productivity tools) which makes it impossible for management to have a clear view. This solution of categories changes that. It gives CROs the analytics they need to ensure the best utilization of these important resources.

Look for the following:

  • Analytics on deal flow

  • Tracking of what features are important to each deal

  • Alerts on potential deal revival based on product updates

  • Templates or playbooks to assure consistency

  • Presales capacity utilization analytics

Creating and realigning sales territories to optimize sales effort and total overall revenue. Solutions typically include both quota planning and allocation as well as territory analysis and assignment.

Typical functionality includes:

  • Sales territory design and reassignment with interactive maps

  • Geo and account-based territories

  • Building and managing sales compensation plans

  • Scenario modeling

Creating, modeling, implementing, administering, and optimizing compensation plans. Often includes salesrep dashboards for tracking commissions earned and paid.

Functionality includes:

  • Compensation Planning & Modeling

  • Commission calculations and payments

  • Modeling & Forecasting

Sales Management and Operations leaders need data to make the right decisions. Whether it has to do with market planning, forecast or deal reviews, or knowing where the risks are based on rep activity and other factors – without having data, you’re going on gut. This category is often called Revenue Intelligence and often employs AI and machine learning.

Typical functionality may include:

  • Sales Forecasting probability

  • Identifying at-risk deals

  • Sales Performance Tracking

  • AI recommendations

  • Go-To-Market Analysis