I had the pleasure of interviewing Max Altschuler last week, on the heels of his upcoming conference Sales Machine. It’s hard not to be in awe of Max. He’s traveled to 76 countries, living in many of them for extended periods of time (like when he attended Shanghai Normal University to learn basic Mandarin). When he first graduated college at ASU (my Alma mater as well), he did what many college grads do – he traveled. But unlike most grads, he had a purpose, “to make american money abroad, while paying expenses in local currency” and that’s exactly what he did for 6 months in Costa Rica and Nicaragua.  He’s always looking for a “hack.”

That hack was just one of many he’s deployed throughout his life. Fast forward to 2013 (just 3 years out of college) and Max is taking what he learned from launching the SDR team at Udemy and applying it to another of his own companies, Sales Hacker, Inc. In the 3 short years since starting Sales Hacker in 2013 and now, Max has turned it into a highly successful conference, training, and jobs board business all aimed at helping companies, sales organizations, and salespeople be the best they can be.

Oh, and during it all, he wrote two books. So back to the interview. My intention was to learn more about the latest release of his book “Hacking Sales,” why he wrote it, what it covers. We did talk about his book and why he cares so much about, well, everything – the ideas in his book, helping people and animals, traveling. As you might expect there were several nuggets about how he got where he is today. Fittingly, I call them hacks and I highlight 10 from the interview.

Find out what they are and learn about his book by watching the interview. No matter how long you’ve been in sales, you’ll want this book. Perhaps, especially, if you’ve been in sales a long time. One of Max’s least favorite excuses is, “It’s the way we’ve always done things.” He never would’ve done what he’s done if he relied on that crutch. You’ll find inspiration, as well as tangible hacks to help you do things differently so you can achieve the most possible.