Hear Jocelyn Brown, SVP of Customers & Revenue at Allocadia, reveal how she and her team built and executed their sales and success onboarding within the Salesforce workflow. Jocelyn will walk you through how she was able to scale her onboarding program for a huge cohort of new reps and how she was able to cut ramp time to get the new hires to revenue faster.

For me, LevelJump scales our ability to make reps smarter and to actually organize it in a fashion in which they can consume it and have different modes of learning, because not everyone learns the same way. It also gives an opportunity for them to hear many different voices. Because we can actually put it into a program that has many different elements, we have the opportunity to have different people participate. So they’re hearing from the CEO, they’re hearing for me, marketing, their peers. So they’re actually learning and starting to make things their own. It also gives them a chance to practice. So they’re recording things and having other peers review it. And again, they’re doing it in an order that’s logical for how they need to learn.

- Jocelyn Brown, SVP of Customers & Revenue at Allocadia