How Braintree Saves $1,147 Each Week

Braintree: A Paypal Company is a payment processor. They act as a middleman between apps like Uber, airbnb, Draft Kings, Grubhub and banks. They’ve become one of the major player in the e-commerce scene. If you want to accept payments from Paypal, Bitcoin, Vemo, ApplyPay, Android Pay, or plain-old credit and debit cards, then you’ll want to use Braintree. However, Braintree’s reps were having diculties. Braintree needed was a way to add emails and update to Salesforce from the inbox.

On average, each sales rep at Braintree saved 4 hours each week using Cirrus. For the cost of $228, Braintree saw a return of $5,273 per month.

- Braintree