How Hino Trucks Delivers the Best Experience for Their Dealer Network & Customers

Hino Trucks, a Toyota Company, is a commercial truck manufacturer that sells and distributes trucks throughout the world. It’s more than just about a truck to them, it’s about how they can make their customers be successful on what they need to accomplish.

Their customer is the end user – people driving the trucks, people that own the trucks, fleets. But in addition to that is their dealer network which encompasses around 250 dealers. There are parts departments, service departments, sales departments, and they all need to get the information Hino has.

When they were originally looking at content management systems, there were a couple of problems they were trying to solve. One of them being the ability to get information to sales people and service teams, and ensuring it was the latest version. Their content was in multiple places. Nothing was centralized. A lot of those dealerships also sell other brands, competitor brands, so they’re fighting for mindshare. Bigtincan has enabled them to get their message to them as clearly and concisely as possible.

They now have over 6,000 users and it’s growing on a continual basis. They originally partnered with Bigtincan on a Hub app, and since then they’ve developed 2 other custom apps – one that’s customer facing and a tool for dealer salespeople.

Watch this video to hear Hino’s story and how Bigtincan has helped them to be successful.

Once deployed, PepsiCo began seeing vast improvements in efficiency, communication and usage of sales and marketing materials.

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