How to Do Both High-Volume and High-Value Selling

Outbound sales organizations continuously struggle to achieve the balance between high-volume calling and high-value calling. In this podcast I talk with John Steinert of TechTarget about:

  • How to go from “Who should buy” to “Who probably will buy”
  • How to augment the insight on your website visitors with intent to buy so sellers can prioritize their time.
  • What to do if you’ve hit the point of diminishing returns where more volume just adds cost.
  • How to get real Intent data, not just on accounts but also on the contacts who—it’s important to note—have consented to being contacted.
The number’s game is caused by the problem of too many people to contact without good evidence of which are the right people. It works until you hit the point of diminishing return. It’s a tremendous management challenge to know when you’ve hit that point, when adding more volume just adds more cost.

- John Steinert, Chief Marketing Officer, TechTarget