The Daily Conundrum

If you’re like most sales professionals working in today’s hyper-connected, always-on environment, you struggle on a daily basis to meet your goals. The concept of work-life balance is a dated one as we continue to raise the bar on performance and financial expectations.

This struggle is real, because essentially your salespeople are tasked with 4 jobs, each of which could be a full-time job including;

  1. Outbound prospecting to ensure they have enough pipeline to meet coverage targets.
  2. Working and developing existing opportunities to meet quarterly and annual sales targets.
  3. Seeing to the needs of existing customers as they use your solution.
  4. Finally, and perhaps most tedious of all, managing internal expectations. It’s the last one where many folks desperately seek ways to simplify the process, trying to avoid duplicating updates to the various systems of record and to the many layers of sales management.

How many times have you asked your salespeople to update CRM and then ask them to “consolidate it” into a spreadsheet at the 11th hour for a big internal leadership meeting or a last-minute opportunity review? The answer is likely, “far too many to count”!

No More Admin – Weekly Forecast Calls and QBRs

In addition to managing multiple outward-facing day to day responsibilities, salespeople also need to prepare for weekly forecast calls by ensuring CRM is completely up-to-date and that all details required by your management team have been entered into the system.

But wait! Now it’s closing time near the end of the quarter and just around the corner is our favorite event of all time – the QBR! Nothing strikes fear into the hearts of salespeople like having to spend 3 days assembling content from various systems into the “approved template” for your next business inspection.

Finally, Some GOOD News!

Alright, enough complaining…after all, we’re uber-optimistic sales professionals who chose this career for a good reason – the opportunity to build a rich life for ourselves and our families. This is where a solution like Aviso’s AI platform helps CROs, Sales Ops leaders, Sales Managers, and Sales Reps drive the most accurate forecasting for their business, along with leveraging pipeline and deal-level insights to focus more on selling and less on admin tasks, as well as the wrong deals. Hallelujah!

Now you can update your forecast on the go, integrate directly with your CRM, and leverage the reports and templates designed to drive more efficiency. This means QBR prep in a fraction of the time, more productive forecast calls focused on the deals that need attention, and less time spent away from your bread and butter!

Today’s post is by guest author, Tom Victory, CMO of Aviso, an AI sales platform that helps you drive efficiency in three of your most critical sales processes: forecasting, pipeline management, and deal reviews.