How to Power Your Go-To-Market Strategy With Fire

Traditional methodologies just aren’t cutting it anymore. In a typical scenario, a marketer judges how “good” a lead is based on engagement alone; a sales professional takes that lead and discovers it isn’t a fit at all. What happens next is predictable: Marketers and sales professionals fall out of alignment, which diminishes their effectiveness. Meanwhile, the pressure to meet targets doesn’t go away—it grows. FIRE changes all that. This four-point methodology is designed to help you and your team find high-fit accounts and target them with a finely tuned account-based sales and marketing strategy.

A year ago, our sales team was just waiting for leads to come in. They couldn’t see which leads were a good fit, or what competitors’ products those leads were using. The FIRE methodology gives them that visibility so they can go into a conversation with real data. That makes all the difference.

- Kristen Wendel, Director of Marketing Operations, LeanKit