How to Stop Losing Good Reps Over Commissions

Studies show that it takes three years on average for the average sales rep to reach peak performance. Three years is a considerable amount of time, so good reps should be seen as the result of a major investment. Unfortunately, this investment is entirely lost when a good rep leaves over sales commission issues – the #1 reason why sales reps leave.

But what’s the cost? According to a study by Maestro, the average cost to replace a rep is $115,000. And it takes 6.2 months on average to replace a rep. With an average turnover rate of 28%, this is your biggest cost. But why is losing reps so costly?

Read on to understand why reps leave and what to do to stop losing them.

The simplest way to stop your employees from leaving is to develop a plan to make them stay.

- Tony Robbins