How You Prospect Matters: Prospect Engagement Playbook Launch Webinar

Watch the on-demand webinar for a showcase of Membrain’s latest module and what it will look like when your team has a tailored method for structured prospecting and an easy way to qualify leads that match your ideal customer fit.

George Brontén, CEO and Founder of Membrain, shares valuable insights on sales effectiveness and goes through common mistakes and challenges in prospecting. Henrik Öquist, COO of Membrain also showcases the new prospect engagement playbook capabilities and shows how they can be used to overcome these challenges.

Register for the on-demand webinar if your team:

  • Does not reach out to enough stakeholders
  • Has poorly qualified prospects and hand-overs from pipeline
  • Is uncertain if they did enough before giving up
  • Has issues keeping track of how to follow up with each prospect
  • Struggles with inconsistent messaging
  • Does not track engagement with prospects for later analysis

Stop killing leads with automation. Stay human and win more deals with our latest Prospect Engagement Playbooks. Because HOW you prospect matters.

Finally I can manage my team’s prospecting efforts and coach better!

- Pernilla Hammar, Manager Client Development, eWork Group