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Thanks to encouragement by the members of the Silicon Valley VP of Sales Forum, Smart Selling Tools has introduced a new way to learn about tools. From now on, Thursday is Demo Day! Every Thursday, we’ll host a different sales acceleration solution provider who will give a 30 min demo.

Just register for the one’s you want to attend and give just 30 minutes a week.

Remember, one new tool, every Thursday at 11:00 pacific, just 30 minutes.

One new tool
  • Every Thursday (11am Pacific, 1pm Eastern)
  • 30 min online demo

April 23
Presenter: Duncan Lennox, CEO
Developed at Harvard, Qstream is a radically new sales performance platform used by top brands to ignite high-performance sales teams. Combining science and data analytics in an easy-to-use mobile solution, Qstream is the first and only proven approach to building smarter, more confident sales teams at scale – with impact to the bottom line. By letting reps play a game on their phone for just minutes a day, Qstream delivers data-driven insights that help sales leaders align behaviors for growth, and identify targeted coaching opportunities to strengthen the capabilities that matter most.
Whether you’re delivering information to new hires or reinforcing product messages and selling skills from a recent sales meeting, Qstream is the only solution proven to durably change the customer-facing behavior of your reps. Today Qstream is used by 8 of the top 10 global life sciences companies, as well as leaders in technology, healthcare and financial services. The company is based outside Boston, MA, with additional locations in Hood River, OR and Dublin, Ireland.

April 30
Presenter: Micheline Nijmeh CMO
Presenter: Usman Sheikh, CEO, Founder
Presenter: Tina Bean

May 21
Presenter: K.V. Rao, CEO, Founder
Presenter: to be determined
Presenter: Greg Sherrill, CEO, Co-Founder