12/21/16 Interview with DocuSign

Let’s Get Real.

Let's Get Real with DocuSign
In this series, we interview sales tool providers and get real about the problems they’re solving and why you should care (or not).

This week I interview Teja Vora, Director of Commercial Marketing at DocuSign.

Nancy: I ask guests to answer the first question using what I call the “You know how…” format. Tell us, what does your solution do?

Teja: You know how sales teams are constantly looking to improve core internal processes to boost productivity and efficiency? And as a marketer, you know how they are always looking for new ways to lower costs and close deals faster?

The problem is, it often takes a long time for a deal to close because of the amount of paperwork that needs to be signed by internal and external stakeholders. Even after the initial agreement on the phone or in person, there are still massive amounts of contracts to look over and approve. This is time-consuming and of course, costly.

These problems can be solved with DocuSign’s electronic signature solution, allowing businesses of all sizes to sign, send, and manage documents electronically, at any time, and on any device. This means that DocuSign can eliminate paper from the process of closing a deal, and agreements can be signed in minutes, instead of days and weeks.

Nancy: That sounds like a problem worth solving (and a worthy solution). But let’s get real, sales and marketing organizations have a lot of challenges and they have to make choices about which to solve first. Why shouldn’t they continue with things the way they are if they’re getting by? What are the ramifications of not solving the problems you outlined?

Teja: By leaving things status quo and relying on paper-based processes, you’re losing opportunities to grow your business.

First, more and more businesses are making the move to digital, and falling behind could mean being disrupted.

Second, most customers want to do businesses digitally, so maintaining paper-based processes means not providing the best customer experience.

Finally, for businesses to grow, sales teams need to be focused on selling, not managing paperwork like NDAs, partner agreements, and sales orders.  

Digital Sales

Nancy: What types of questions should Sellers ask to decide whether solving this problem should be a high priority?

Teja: If a Seller can answer “yes” to wanting to increase productivity, close deals faster, or spend more time selling and less time managing paperwork, then going digital should be a priority.

Nancy: This question is your choice. What do you want to answer that I didn’t ask?

Teja: I’d want you to ask “Most companies are using some digital solutions already. Will DocuSign work with these systems?”

DocuSign integrates with and connects to more of the applications and services you already use like Salesforce, NetSuite, Office 365, Google and many more. This means that you don’t need to wait for IT to be up and running. And the sooner you can transform your sales process to digital, the sooner you can improve your productivity.

Nancy: What should people do next?

Teja: DocuSign is the global leader for digital transaction management and has helped thousands of companies improve the speed and efficiency of their sales processes.

Let us help you find the right digital solution for your sales organization. Contact us today at sales@docusign.com or call us at 1-877-720-2040 or learn more on our website.